Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abducted by The Fault In Our Stars

Wait a second!!! What was that??? What's that you say???

Is there a John Green giveaway going on???

Why Yes! Yes there is!!!

My awesome friend, Andrea, has two extra copies of The Fault In Our Stars that have both been signed and Hanklerfished! Soooo, If you don't have a copy yet, or want one with a Hankfish on it, you should absolutely sign up!!! Just click on the image above and it will take you straight to her new blog, The Overstuffed Bookcase, where she is hosting the giveaway!

Andrea and I actually went to the book signing that was part of the Tour de Nerdfighting in Austin this weekend with our friend Tracy! Some of you guys know that 2012 did not start out as the best year for me, so I've kind of been down in the dumps lately, but this weekend was just what I needed to lift my spirits like nothing else ever could!!!

The book signing was at a high school (because there were 1100 people there!!!) but it was hosted by a local independent book store called Bookpeople! And let me just say it, that book store was AMAZING!!! They apparently have authors coming through there all the time and they often leave signed copies of their novels behind! I felt like we were on a treasure hunt because every which way we turned we would find books that were signed by their authors! It was so exciting! Tracy got a signed Sarah Dressen and we got Andrea a signed Scott Westerfield for her birthday.

And I took home a copy of Why We Broke Up signed by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) and Maira Kalman. I had no idea what this book was about, but the blurbs on the back were hysterical so I thought that it just has to be good. Plus, the art work on the inside looks amazing so I have very high hopes!

And then I turned to Tracy and said "If I find a David Levithan, I'll die!!!" Less then a minute later I was staring at several signed copies of all of David Levithan's novels and screaming my head off in excitement! I'm pretty sure my friends were trying to tell me to quiet down because I was embarrassing them but I was like "Hey, I warned you!"

*DFTBA Courtney! Hank Green*

And then we went to the book signing! John Green signed my copy of Looking For Alaska (on the very last page because I have a thing about last pages of novels) and Hank signed my copy of a new cd he released just for this tour! It was a magical evening! I will say though that I am a little disappointed that neither John, nor Hank, looked up at me and recognized me as the kindred spirit that I am so that we could go ahead and start are inevitable best-friendship! But hey, there will always be another tour and another book signing, I'll just have to wait!

This particular book signing was for John's new book The Fault In Our Stars, which came out on January 10th. All of the nerdfighting community was buzzing with excitement for this release and the wait was well worth it.

At this point however, I'm not really sure what I could say about this book that you haven't already heard. So, I'm just going to try the best I can.

This book is about kids, who are struggling with understanding the meaning of life and the concept of death, one kid trying their best to leave this world causing as minimal amount of pain to those that love them, the other doing everything they can to find a way to make a difference and leave a memory behind. The characters are completely honest and genuine and one hundred percent charming!

In case you need yet another reason to read this book, I'll give you this: It was written by JOHN GREEN! What more of a reason do you need? Seriously?

*To Courtney - John Green*
With all of John Green's novels he has created this Universe of stories. This entire world where every single character (young and old alike) are insanely clever and witty and smart and perfect and in their own little ways each one of them is absolutely, and yet beautifully, flawed! You want to know these people, you want these kids to be your best friends, you want these parents to be your parents, you want to go to that school and hang out at that mall. And in that magical John Green universe, this book, The Fault In Our Stars, is at the heart of it all.

And I for one can't wait to read John Green again, because every time I read his books I get to go back on vacation to that world!

I know you might be thinking that all of what I just said is a tad on the cheesy side. And you are right, it is. I know it is. But I can't help it. It's the truth.

The Fault In Our Stars gets an abduction rating of...

*big surprise right? 


Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

It was such a fun weekend, and I'm so glad that you were able to go and just relax for a while. Well, maybe not relax, because I know I was all kinds of excited and anxious all Saturday! ;)

Thanks for posting about my giveaway. My blog is so new that I've only had a small number of entries. I'm trying to spread the word, but it sucks because my website doesn't even come up on Google when you type in "The Overstuffed Bookcase" yet. So thank you so much for mentioning it and linking straight to the contest! I really appreciate it!

fakesteph said...

I should have gone to the one by DC. I totally should have! I'm so jealous of you and jazzed you had a great time!

I don't know if I ever told you this, but I went to a signing a few years ago that had John Green AND David Levithan for Will Grayson, Will Grayson. However... John scared the crap out of me and I ran away with the book of the person behind me that had not yet been signed by David Levithan. I was so SAD when I realized. But the girl behind me was a nerdfighter and she made me promise that I would go watch the vlogbrothers, because she knew that I was a nerdfighter and just didn't know it yet.

And seriously. Every time I read a review of TFIOS... I want to read the book all over again. *happy sigh about a sad, sad, yet hilarious and wonderful book*

fakesteph said...

And Why We Broke Up Got A Printz Honor, so good pick! Can't wait to hear how it is!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Bittner, I am so jealous, but also so excited for you!! I don't have a lot of YA reading friends here, but next time I will go to DC to see John Green!!

Maybe I'll force Steph to go with me!! :)

I did snag two signed copies of The Fault in Our Stars and will be doing my own giveaway once I get moved. Sadly, my signed copies have do not have the Hankfish. :( Miss you!

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