Saturday, April 30, 2011

Abducted by the Silver Chair

First of all, I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the last day to vote for which Adam Sandler movies should be reviewed over at REVIEWS IN 5 so please go vote! I love this site and I am really grateful to be a part of it!

Now here are my thoughts on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair...

As I have said before, this is my favorite of the Narnia series. The first time I read it there was one scene specifically that really resonated with me. In the beginning I loved this book because it was the one that contained my favorite scene, but now...I've read this book so many times, it is so familiar to me that I love every part of it. I love each and every scene and now it all blends together in my memory so much that I don't always remember the exact reasons for why I love this book. I just know that I do.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what my favorite moment in this book is. For that you are going to have to wait just a couple of weeks. I know, I know, How dare I leave you on pins and needles! But you see, I'm getting a tattoo in about a week and a half that will be based on my favorite moment in this book. So, in order to not repeat myself too much, I'm going to wait until then to tell you. When I show my tattoo I'll then give you the reason behind it.

But here is what I will tell you...

I loved Eustace in this book. I liked that he kept his original personality. It wasn't like after his adventures on the Dawn Treader he came home and became this completely different person. I mean don't get me wrong, he changed A LOT! At the beginning of the last book he was angry and spiteful and conceited. And now he is a good kid but you still see little moments where he can be snappy. He never hesitates to say "I told you so" or point out when fault lies with someone else. BUT, he also willingly admits when he is the one to blame and takes responsibility for his own misgivings.

One scene where he showed a lot of courage was at the very beginning, during the Parliament of Owls. The scene was barely noticed in the book and kind of glossed over so you don't see it as a big deal. But when Jill and Eustace first go to meet with the Owls, well, Eustace had just gotten to Narnia. He realizes it has been 70 years since he was last there, his friend, the King, is old and dyeing. And he goes to meet with the Owls who are meeting in secret at night. Eustace stands up and says to them that he doesn't know what their business is, but if they are against the king he was having nothing to do with it. And seeing on how in that moment Eustace really thought they could have been against the king, it took a lot of courage for him to step up like that.

Eustace and Jill at times remind me some what of Ron and Hermione. With the way they bicker and snap at each other. Jill was really sassy and wasn't afraid to tell Eustace when to shut up!

Puddleglum is my favorite! He is so lovable. I love that the Marshwiggle's are so pessimistic. And I think that simply shows how brave Puddleglum really is. If he genuinely thinks that only the worst could happen, that they are all going to die on their journey and never find the Prince, but he tries and fights anyway, than that is true courage.

After finishing my post on the Voyage of the Dawn Treader I did go and rent the movie from a local video store. It was AWESOME! I loved it, I really did! Don't get me wrong, they changed A LOT! And parts of it felt like it was set up like a video game...

"Travel through all the levels collecting the 7 swords of the great Lords and then you can marry the Star Princess"

But I don't know, I just thought it was really cute.

And my favorite part was at the very VERY end when they get back to our world and Eustace's mom calls to him from down stairs and says that Jill Pole has just arrived. I was so happy to hear that reference to the next book that I could have cried. In all honesty I did get pretty chocked up.

I can see this book made into a movie so easily. They would of course play up the death of the Queen and the enchantment of the Prince. And they would show the threat of the underworld army lurking underneath. It would be great.

And I think, Alan Cumming should play Puddleglum! I just watched a miniseries on NetFlix for this show called Tinman and he was great in the part of Glich based on the Scare Crow in the Wizard of Oz.

Okay I've got to get going to a Reviews In 5 meeting! Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Abducted by Monday Memories!

Last Monday I got really busy with this and that and this other thing so I wasn't able to participate with Annette's new meme about Monday Memories. Which was really frustrating for me because I really wanted to!

You see, Annette has this new meme called, as you have probably already figured out, Monday Memories, and the object of the game is to take a stroll down memory lane every Monday. I think it is a great idea because when you are an avid reader you can develop very strong memories as to where you were when you first started reading this or what was going on in our lives when we were reading that.

Last week ANNETTE posted about the first time she read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. And I have a really great memory about that book that I really wanted to share last week but I didn't get the chance to, so I had to wait all week for Monday to roll back around in order to share it.

So here we go...

I fought reading Harry Potter for a very very long time. I think it was just one of those things were so many people were falling under the spell and I just didn't want to go there. I saw all the movies and loved them, but I just wasn't feeling the books.

Two of my closets friends at the time, Kate and Ame, LOVED the books. And they were dead set on dragging me over to their side no matter what the stakes.

So finally, in March of 2007, I caved. The last book, Deathly Hallows, was going to be coming out that summer and it meant a lot to Kate and Ame for me to go with them to the book release and join in all the chaos. I guess they just really wanted me to get to be part of the whole HP scene before it was too late.

One night, we went to dinner, and if I'm not mistaken we were actually there to celebrate Ame's birthday, but Kate and Ame presented me with the first two books of the HP series, it was there way of getting me started.

And Kate is really big on writing messages inside books before giving them to people so both her and Ame wrote to me, and here is what they said...

Ame on the inside of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:

"Welcome to the obsession!"

Kate on the inside of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

"To Bitt,

Give in to peer pressure! It feels good.
Seriously all the cool kids read Harry Potter!
Don't you want to be cool like me, Ame, Michelle and Monte?
Have fun, Read hard!"

I have great friends!

P.S. For my take on movies to watch when you're sick check out my post on REVIEWS IN 5! The site is coming along quiet nicely if I do say so myself, and we would love for more people to check it out and tell us what you think! Thanks!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abducted by The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Continuing our journey through Narnia with...

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Okay, before I say anything else I must make one thing about this book perfectly clear.

Out of all of the novels that make up the Chronicles of Narnia...

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has absolutely without a doubt the BEST first sentence out of any of them!

"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it."

I love that! I have re-read The Silver Chair more times then I can count, so I feel like I have gotten to know Eustace pretty well. But I always forget that is how the Voyage of the Dawn Treader begins and whenever I hear it again I can't help but smile and laugh. I mean it really is just so perfect! It sums up his character in like 13 words. I love it!

moving on...

I have found, that when it comes to people who have read the entire series of the Chronicles of Narnia, this is one of their favorite books. Of course, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe is the most popular world wide and in all kinds of circles, but the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a very close second for people who have read the series. Not, mine personally, but for a lot of people.

And I can understand why. This book is one big giant adventure. Almost every chapter is a new location with new creatures and new stories and new possibilities of ways for things to go horribly wrong. You have your main characters dealing with being sold into slavery, captured by invisible creatures, turned into dragons, fighting sea serpents, and falling in love with Stars, and much much more. It is all very exciting!

My favorite is when they get to the island of the Dufflepuds. They are such funny little things and so agreeable. I think they are adorable and I like the relationship they have with the Magician.

I like the part when Eustace gets turned into a dragon but for some reason I've never been a fan of how that plot line ends, with Eustace getting changed back when no one is around and he just shows up looking like himself again. Something about it just doesn't read right with me. I apprieciate the symbolism in how he turns back into a human, but I just didn't like the way it was told to us. There is just something about it...I don't know maybe it is just me.

Eustace is a bit of a brat though, we can all agree on that. But I don't think he could help it. He was an only child who was spoiled, he didn't have any friends, and he was swept away to another world where his two cousins fit in seamlessly and yet he was still an outsider. He acted out the only way he knew how. It wasn't nearly as bad as how Edmund behaved in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, so I think he deserves a little slack.

In conclusion, one of my other favorite moments in this book is when they sail to the end of the world, to Aslan's country. And I like that it is behind the sun.

C.S. Lewis has another book that I love that is not a part of the Chronicles of Narnia series called Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer. It is a great book that explores all the different aspects of prayer, the obstacles we face, the methods we use, our reasons behind what and how we ask for things. It is basically a theology book but it is written as if he, Lewis, was discussing these issues through letters written to his friend Malcolm.

I have MANY favorite quotes from this book. In fact every time I read it I have to buy a new copy because every page ends up with some writing and underlining on it and I don't want my ideas at one time in my life to influence my perception now. But anyways, one of my many favorite quotes from this book is when Lewis is talking about the elements of God's glory and he says...
"And the glory is - well, the glory; the 'beauty so old and new,' the 'light from behind the sun."

I love that line. And to me that scene in Voyage of the Dawn Treader when they find Aslan's country behind the sun, it is just a vivid description of that idea.

Alright, I've already finished The Silver Chair but I'm going to wait until sometime next week to post about it. Then on to the Last Battle and then we are done. So sad!

Tonight, I'm going to drive by Red Box or Hastings and see if they have The Voyage of the Dawn Treader available to rent yet because I still haven't seen it! I know...shame shame!

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter.

Abducted by wandering thoughts...

I know my blog is usually about books and it has been an awfully long time since I blogged about something other then books, so I'm going to go ahead and state that this post is not about a book.

Although, since I brought up the subject of books I will go ahead and also state that I finished FOUR today! The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Slam, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair, and the graphic novel Kick Ass!

But moving on...

You know those times when your thoughts start to wander and before you know it you have a revelation about something? Well, tonight, for me, as I was contemplating the idea of getting ready for bed, my thoughts started wandering. They always tend to do this in times when I'm getting ready for bed and then what I thought was going to be an early night ends up being a night I don't get to bed until 3 in the morning. But since I have to work tomorrow I'm going to try to keep this brief.

I thought about just writing down my thoughts in a quick post on facebook but then I realized that the last thing I wanted was to wake up tomorrow to find a whole bunch of people "liked" my status. I don't know why that bothers me so much, but sometimes it does and I figured this was one of those times. So instead, I decided to share my thoughts on my blog.

This is what I realized...

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by this feeling that things in my life just aren't clicking the way they are supposed to, or I should say, the way I wish they would.

Like, life is made up of dozens of thousands of puzzle pieces and I just can't get them to fit together. They wont click. I see all these friends of mine who seem to have their pieces clicking and it makes me wonder when are my pieces going to click like that?

I'm not saying that my friends have it all figured out or that life is coming so easily to them, I swear I'm really not that naive. But there are always moments, even when you are far from finishing the puzzle that your pieces are clicking, you at least get a few to fit together right, and I see that in other people.

But what really scares me, isn't that my pieces don't seem to be clicking, it is that sometimes I take a step back and I swear I don't even recognize the puzzle anymore.

I don't want a cheat sheet to tell me how to put it all together. I'm willing to go through the pain and sweat and tears and triumph of getting their on my own.

I just want to know what the puzzle is. Is that really so much to ask?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's here! IT'S HERE!!! My 1 year ANNIVERSARY!!!

I can't believe it has been a year! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey wait a second...wasn't I hosting a giveaway to celebrate my 1 year anniversary?

Oh, Yeah I was!

drum roll please....



Whoo Hoo! Congratulations!

Wait, don't stop reading just yet! I have other things to talk about...

I thought I would take just a second to recap my top 3 favorite posts over the past year.

Each one of these means a lot to me so you should read them if you get the chance! I guess I am bias because I wrote most of them but still, I think they are pretty good.

So, in no particular order here they are:

1. Columbus Day: On Columbus Day I wrote a post where I declared the day to be in celebration of Chris Columbus! Chris Columbus the director that is! And although many may read it and call my crazy, it was actually really fun to write! It had me laughing and some times that is the best I can shoot for. I probably wont write a similar post for this years Columbus Day but you know I will be celebrating!!!!!!

2. One Day: The post for One Day is the one post so far that I have co-written. My friend Kate and I wrote it together over the course of many many emails and it was a lot of work. For all of those people out their that co-write their blogs I tip my hat to you!
The post reads really well and it is one of my favorites because not only did I get to write it with one of my best friends but it was also a really AMAZING book. I can't wait to re-read it this summer!

3. My review of Without You by Anthony Rapp and the musical RENT! I read Without You last summer when I was coming out of a really dark time, and it meant a lot to me. This post, compared to all the others, is the most personal. At the time I wrote it I barely had any followers at all, but surprisingly it was still hard for me to put all that information out there.

Lastly, I just want to say, I love being a part of this community! I love reading everyone's reviews and getting to post my own. I love getting comments and getting to leave them for others. It is a curious thing to think that not too long ago, reading was such an isolating and solitary activity!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abducted by Prince Caspian

Okay, I'm going to continue with the Chronicles of Narnia read-along, although I don't think I'm actually reading along with anyone else anymore.

Also, I have to make this fast because I'm off to work in about an hour and I still have to change and brush my teeth and fix my hair and walk my dog and have some coffee.

But anyway, so about this Caspian fella...

Out of all of the four main books that involve the Pevensie children I would say this one is the darkest. It involves elements of betrayal and treachery. An uncle willing to kill his nephew to become king. I mean he has already killed his own brother so really what is the big deal?

As far as comparing the movie and the book, I liked the book better. I always felt that the movie changed a lot of stuff, and it did. Not only did it change the time line of certain events, or the outcome of certain events, but it also changed the emotional relationships in the book.

I liked that the movie showed how isolated and alien the Pevensie children felt when back in their own world. That is referenced in the book slightly but you don't really understand how tortured the kids had to have felt. I mean they had lived full lives in Narnia, they had grown up, fought wars, been courted. And then they get forced back to England where they are meant to be just kids again. So I really did like that the movie showed that in the beginning.

I didn't like that the movie added tension between Peter and Caspian that was never there in the book, they added romantic tension between Caspian and Susan that was never there in the book, AND they made the White Witch a much bigger threat then she ever was in the book. I understood the need for adding those first two things in order to make a more interesting movie but I really hated the White Witch part. I guess for me it felt like they were diminishing Aslan's power by insinuating that it would be that easy to bring her back.

One scene that was never really one of my favorites, in the book or the movie was the scene when Aslan appears to Lucy and makes her feel bad for not leaving her brothers and sister to follow him earlier. Religiously, I understand the symbolism and meaning behind that scene, but I always felt like he was too hard on her.

Okay, I'm off to get ready for work now!

DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today, over at, our review of Natalie Portman in Garden State will be up and it is pretty funny so PLEASE stop by!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Abducted by Monday Memories!

Annette's Book Spot has started a new meme called Monday Memories! And I think it is a really great idea! So of course I immediately wanted to sign up. For my first Monday Memory I have selected to share...

I Love You Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle

The very first book club that I was ever actively a part of was a small one called The Midnight Book Club. We really only had three members, myself, my friend Kate (aka later to be known as Midnight Book Girl) and our friend Amanda. The club was online and was started because Kate and Amanda both left me here in Oklahoma, the book club was how we stayed in touch.

Sometimes when people move away, and you are not a part of their everyday lives anymore, it is hard to still have things to talk about. You no longer know the same people or eat at the same restaurants, but for us we had our books.

I Love You Beth Cooper was the very first book I chose for that book club when my turn came up. I chose it completely at random and thought it looked kind of funny. And it was! It was hilarious! Kate was laughing out loud when she read it and has since re-read it because she loved it so much!

The plot is centered around graduation night and all the chaos that ensues. Each chapter begins with a quote from a random teen comedy movie, everything from Rebel Without A Cause, Say Anything, Porky's, Saved!, and Ghost World! And those quotes add just the right level of nostalgia!

So, my first pick for that book club was a complete success!

Our book club lasted a year but the friendships have stayed strong. I'm in a new book club now called Bookend Babes chapter 17, and we have 6 members. I tried to recreate my previous success by selecting Larry Doyle's second novel, Go Mutants!, as my first pick for that book club and unfortunately it did not go over as well as I Love You Beth Cooper had, go figure!

Anyway, that is my Monday Memory and thanks to Annette for the new meme!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Abducted by the end of Readathon!

Well, my first Read-a-thon was not so hot.

I take back calling it a failure to a friend earlier. You can't really call it a failure when I got a good chunk of a lot of books read. I mean now I can probably finish all the books that were in my TBR pile this week and that is still A LOT of books to have read in a week.

My official stats are as follows...

Tales of Beedle the Bard wasn't touch, neither was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

only about 8 pages in the C.S. Lewis poetry collection

only 17 pages in Letter's From Rifka

only about 50 pages in the graphic novel Kick Ass.

I got 136 pages of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List read - that puts me at just under half way through and it isn't so bad so I'll definitely get that one done.

And I finished Fever Pitch. Of course that was the .5 book because it was audio and I had already listened to half of it earlier in the week.

Still, I also got over my fear of twitter! I got tons of comments! I shared lots of love and support with my friends Holly and Kate, but I also cheered on a lot of really great people that were total strangers!

But, now, it is about 8:00am here and it is time to put on a fresh pot of coffee, take my dog for a walk because he is whining pitifully, and then pop in a movie and look at recipes of things to make for when my book club girls come over next weekend.

I think I will watch Pretty in Pink in honor of my friend Kate's MOVIE WATCHATHON and because I love me some Andrew McCarthy!

I hope everyone is recovering well, and had a successful read-a-thon! I'll see you in October!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Abducted by Kate's sentence challenge

Kate at MIDNIGHT BOOK GIRL is hosting the Sentence Challenge this year!


Here is the one I came up with...

It reads "All my road before me, relentless long walk to freedom"

Really, you could mix those three up and still kind of get a sentence out of it.

The authors, in order of how the books are in the picture, are C.S. Lewis, Dean Koontz, and Nelson Mandela.

I tried to also add the book Into The Wild but I just didn't feel like it was working.

Abducted by Readathon Hour 11

I am very proud of the cheer I came up with this morning! I'm going to post it in this post on my blog, so that I can then go on twitter and use this post as a link for some cheering!

*now the cheer is to the tune of the How Funky Is Your Chicken cheer featured in the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

How funky is Oscar Wilde

How funky is Oscar Wilde

How Loose is C.S. Lewis

Lewis is totally loose

So come on all you Poe fans

So Come on all you Poe fans

And shake out your Proust

And shake out your Proust!!!


Abducted by Readathon hours 9-11

So, I'm at work and I only have about an hour left.

I haven't been too busy today but I have had some customers and a problem with a Western Union transaction that took up a lot of time.

I have managed to read 136 pages of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan which only leaves me with 94 pages! (Way better then I had expected)

I've also read about 10 pages out of my C.S. Lewis collection of poetry. (Way tougher to get through then I anticipated)

At this exact moment I'm listening to Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. I listened to 5 of 8 disc this morning and before I leave will be able to finish off disc 6, and probably a good portion of disc 7. This does not mean I started on disc one today! Lord NO! I listened to disc 1-4 earlier this week so I'm just finishing up this book today. (I counted on this book being brutal to get through, and it is, but not for the reasons I had assumed.)

Anyway, so that is where I am at right now. Thanks for all the cheers and support. I'll be more active on my twitter and Dewey's main page once I get home.

Also, if you have time, you should sign up for my 1 year anniversary giveaway of an amazon gift card. Just click HERE!

And if you like movies check out the other site I contribute too, REVIEWS IN 5!

Abducted by Read-a-thon 2011!!!

*my response to the kick off questions is at the bottom*

Well, tomorrow kicks off my first read-a-thon! And now that KATE has walked me through proper twitter and posting etiquette for the read-a-thon, I am finally feeling ready and excited to begin. And it is not too late to join us, just click on the graphic above to sign up!

I know a lot of people challenge themselves to read the entire 24 hours but seeing on how this is my first one that is not my personal goal. I have 6.5 books in my read-a-thon pile and as long as I finish 5 of those I will be happy with myself.

I have to work on the day of the read-a-thon and my plan was that I would I would get tons of work done on the last day I worked that on the 9th I wouldn't have as much to do so I would be able to slack off...just a little bit! But unfortunately on Thursday my store started to get audited by the State (which is a HUGE headache) so all my work got put on hold, which means Saturday will still be pretty busy!

My solution is that, I've added half of an audio book to my TBR pile! I started Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby on Monday and I am exactly halfway through! It is pretty brutal but I'll write a full review on it later. I was going to put it on pause until after the read-a-thon so I could focus on my actual pile, but now I think I will be leaning heavily on my audio selections while I'm working so I went ahead and added it. Now I am looking at just under 10 hours of audio to get me through the tough spots!

But what I really want to share with you in this post is all the stuff I have ready to go to get me through the next 24 hours!!!

As you can see, it is not all about the books my friend!

Going clockwise, to start you have a fully stocked supply of Dr Pepper! My drink of choice!

Then you have a collection of music. We've got some Dylan, Coldplay, Dashboard, and Airborne Toxic event! These will most likely make up the soundtrack to my reading hours. Not featured in this picture is U2 or Adele, but I just didn't have those particular cases easily accessible. However, I promise that they will be given there proper place in the cd player. Also some of my own personal mixes.

Then you have my actual TBR pile with a chocolate cupcake on top! It is there to represent all the many chocolate treats that I will turn to in those moments of dire sugar fixes!

A giant bag of animal crackers! I have found in my many years that Animal Crackers is that one food item that it never really occurs to you to go for, but they are so lite and perfect that you never regret them! I mean, even chocolate can get to be too much at times but Animal Crackers are not too sweet and they are bite size!

My favorite coffee from Starbucks freshly ground today! It is the East African (RED) blend and it is AWESOME! My sister got it for me for my birthday back in November because she knows I love to support all things Project(RED) and it has been my favorite ever since.

And what is that it is sitting in!?! Oh that would be my very favorite Coldplay mug. It is all clean and ready to go for my coffee tomorrow. I'm even thinking about taking it to work with me! My very first Read-a-thon deserves to be celebrated with a very special mug, No?

Alright, well, I better get to bed because I want to be well rested for tomorrow!

I'll be getting on just before work for the kick-off, for those of you in CST it will be 7AM! and then I'm off to work. I'll be updating somewhat through out the day as I finish books and then when I get home around 5:30PM CST I'll be able to get on twitter and goodreads and my blog and keep up with everybody!

Good luck to all those participating and to those who aren't; Have an awesome weekend!

*the following in response to the kick off questions added after 7:00am CST April 9th*

1)Where are you reading from today?
I will be reading in my car, from work, and from my couch! My car and work will be in Moore, Oklahoma for the beginning part of the day. My couch is in Norman, OK.

2)Three random facts about me…
1- I'm cranky in the morning! ie: Right now! I NEED COFFEE!
2- I'll be wearing the same outfit I wore yesterday to work today! The Red Sox won their first game of the season last night and it was against the yankees! Must keep the mojo going!!!
3- My only pet is the most adorable loveable boxer in the world! His name is Riley and he is very supportive of my reading addiction!

3)How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours?
I'm sticking with my 6.5!

4)Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)?
Ideally I would love to finish all my books. But realistically if I finish at least 5 I'll be happy.

5)If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, any advice for people doing this for the first time?
This is my first read-a-thon but I have learned from my friend Kate that this is not meant to be a day spent in isolation! Read...yes! But you should twitter and cheer and meet people when you get the chance. And I haven't used my twitter account in almost a year, but I got it going and spent some time re-familiarizing myself with it last night to be ready for today!

here is a link to my twitter for those who want to TWEET ME!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Abducted by the Read-a-thon!

It is time for yet another Teaser Tuesday!

This time I thought I would do it a little differently.

This weekend will be my first attempt at the Dewey Read-a-thon! My friend Kate (aka MIDNIGHT BOOK GIRL) has been trying to get me to participate for years but I only just recently caved. Unfortunately for me, Kate knows the proper ways of getting under my skin and pushing me until I break.

The main reason I am breaking this year is because I set the goal for myself to read 111 books in 2011 and so far I am a little behind, not tragically behind, there is still hope seeing on how it is only April, but the read-a-thon will give me an opportunity to catch back up. So I guess I could say that I am somewhat looking forward to participating this year. (since I'm at work, my computer wont let me access the read-a-thon site at the moment, also my boss is in the back so I don't have enough time to snoop around and try to find a loop hole that will let me access it, but if you click on Midnight Books Girl's link above there should be a link on her page that will take you to the read-a-thon if you'd like to sign up)

So what I thought I would do today is share with you my TBR pile for that day and give you a very little teaser from each selection. Here is my pile:

I have to work on the day of the read-a-thon so I tried to pick things that I could pick up and put down with ease, so to start we have Poems by C. S. Lewis, this is from the poem Infatuation on page 73...

Body and soul most fit for love can best, Withstand it. I am ill, and cannot rest, Therefore I am caught...

I also have a children's novel written in letter format called Letter's From Rifka by Karen Hesse. These lines are on page 40...

Traveling forward-to America. When I think of myself that way, even though we are homeless and our lives are in danger even now, still I believe everything will turn out well.

Then I have the graphic novel Kick Ass that should make for a fun read, I've flipped through it and artwork is amazing! Obviously graphic novels seldom if ever have their pages numbered so I have no idea where these lines are from but here you go anyway...

"Oh God. Oh Jesus. So the only reason she's even talking to me is..."
"That's right, man. You're her gay best friend."
"Oh no."

And for an actual full novel I'll be reading Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, the following is from page 91...

I've created a monster. I only started the bingo nights at my building to fulfill my high school community service requirement. I figured we'd get ten residents max, all over the age of seventy, we'd meet for games like five times and then like forget about it, and I'd get my school credit and be done with it. But noooooo.

I will also be listening to the audio version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis in my car and during those moments at work when I actually do have to be working. Even though I will be listening to the audio version, I do have one of those giant books at home with all 7 of the Chronicles of Narnia in it, so the following is from page 491 of that book...

As no one had ever known Reepicheep to be afraid of anything, he could say this without feeling at all awkward. But the boys, who had all been afraid quite often, grew very red. None the less, it was such obvious sense that they had to give in.

And last but not least we have The Tales of Beedle the Bard! This book is a last minute addition because it was just given to me by my totally awesome friend Andrea. And I figured it would be a good one to break up my other reading with if I had time, but since I wasn't counting on having this book I'm only going to use it as an alternate if I have time or get frustrated with one of my other books (*cough*talking to you, cohn*cough*)

So, anyway, the following is from page 33...

As the sun fell below the horizon, Sir Luckless emerged from the waters with the glory his triumph upon him, and flung himself in his rusted armor at the feet of Amata, who was the kindest and most beautiful woman he had ever beheld.

And that is my TBR pile for the Dewey's Read-a-thon! I am really looking forward to getting to know some more bloggers and maybe making some friends on my twitter! So for all those other readers out there who are participating I will see you on Saturday!

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