Monday, April 11, 2011

Abducted by Monday Memories!

Annette's Book Spot has started a new meme called Monday Memories! And I think it is a really great idea! So of course I immediately wanted to sign up. For my first Monday Memory I have selected to share...

I Love You Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle

The very first book club that I was ever actively a part of was a small one called The Midnight Book Club. We really only had three members, myself, my friend Kate (aka later to be known as Midnight Book Girl) and our friend Amanda. The club was online and was started because Kate and Amanda both left me here in Oklahoma, the book club was how we stayed in touch.

Sometimes when people move away, and you are not a part of their everyday lives anymore, it is hard to still have things to talk about. You no longer know the same people or eat at the same restaurants, but for us we had our books.

I Love You Beth Cooper was the very first book I chose for that book club when my turn came up. I chose it completely at random and thought it looked kind of funny. And it was! It was hilarious! Kate was laughing out loud when she read it and has since re-read it because she loved it so much!

The plot is centered around graduation night and all the chaos that ensues. Each chapter begins with a quote from a random teen comedy movie, everything from Rebel Without A Cause, Say Anything, Porky's, Saved!, and Ghost World! And those quotes add just the right level of nostalgia!

So, my first pick for that book club was a complete success!

Our book club lasted a year but the friendships have stayed strong. I'm in a new book club now called Bookend Babes chapter 17, and we have 6 members. I tried to recreate my previous success by selecting Larry Doyle's second novel, Go Mutants!, as my first pick for that book club and unfortunately it did not go over as well as I Love You Beth Cooper had, go figure!

Anyway, that is my Monday Memory and thanks to Annette for the new meme!


Annette Mills said...

Thanks for participating. I'm not familiar with this book, but always looking for a laugh! Thanks!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I Love You, Beth Cooper was such a great read! Too bad the movie mostly sucked... And I did like Go, Mutants, it just wasn't as smooth or easy to read at I Love You, Beth Cooper.

Unknown said...

As a fellow BookBabe, I can say I liked your pick Go Mutants! It was different. I like different.

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