Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abducted by Prince Caspian

Okay, I'm going to continue with the Chronicles of Narnia read-along, although I don't think I'm actually reading along with anyone else anymore.

Also, I have to make this fast because I'm off to work in about an hour and I still have to change and brush my teeth and fix my hair and walk my dog and have some coffee.

But anyway, so about this Caspian fella...

Out of all of the four main books that involve the Pevensie children I would say this one is the darkest. It involves elements of betrayal and treachery. An uncle willing to kill his nephew to become king. I mean he has already killed his own brother so really what is the big deal?

As far as comparing the movie and the book, I liked the book better. I always felt that the movie changed a lot of stuff, and it did. Not only did it change the time line of certain events, or the outcome of certain events, but it also changed the emotional relationships in the book.

I liked that the movie showed how isolated and alien the Pevensie children felt when back in their own world. That is referenced in the book slightly but you don't really understand how tortured the kids had to have felt. I mean they had lived full lives in Narnia, they had grown up, fought wars, been courted. And then they get forced back to England where they are meant to be just kids again. So I really did like that the movie showed that in the beginning.

I didn't like that the movie added tension between Peter and Caspian that was never there in the book, they added romantic tension between Caspian and Susan that was never there in the book, AND they made the White Witch a much bigger threat then she ever was in the book. I understood the need for adding those first two things in order to make a more interesting movie but I really hated the White Witch part. I guess for me it felt like they were diminishing Aslan's power by insinuating that it would be that easy to bring her back.

One scene that was never really one of my favorites, in the book or the movie was the scene when Aslan appears to Lucy and makes her feel bad for not leaving her brothers and sister to follow him earlier. Religiously, I understand the symbolism and meaning behind that scene, but I always felt like he was too hard on her.

Okay, I'm off to get ready for work now!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a fan of the movies, but would like to read these one day!

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