Sunday, April 10, 2011

Abducted by the end of Readathon!

Well, my first Read-a-thon was not so hot.

I take back calling it a failure to a friend earlier. You can't really call it a failure when I got a good chunk of a lot of books read. I mean now I can probably finish all the books that were in my TBR pile this week and that is still A LOT of books to have read in a week.

My official stats are as follows...

Tales of Beedle the Bard wasn't touch, neither was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

only about 8 pages in the C.S. Lewis poetry collection

only 17 pages in Letter's From Rifka

only about 50 pages in the graphic novel Kick Ass.

I got 136 pages of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List read - that puts me at just under half way through and it isn't so bad so I'll definitely get that one done.

And I finished Fever Pitch. Of course that was the .5 book because it was audio and I had already listened to half of it earlier in the week.

Still, I also got over my fear of twitter! I got tons of comments! I shared lots of love and support with my friends Holly and Kate, but I also cheered on a lot of really great people that were total strangers!

But, now, it is about 8:00am here and it is time to put on a fresh pot of coffee, take my dog for a walk because he is whining pitifully, and then pop in a movie and look at recipes of things to make for when my book club girls come over next weekend.

I think I will watch Pretty in Pink in honor of my friend Kate's MOVIE WATCHATHON and because I love me some Andrew McCarthy!

I hope everyone is recovering well, and had a successful read-a-thon! I'll see you in October!


Unknown said...

I was just getting ready to scold you for that, BTW. Failure??! Are you kidding me?! You finished a book AND read manymany pages AND you worked all day AND you cheered like a mad cheering person.

Consider yourself mentally forhead smacked, Bittner. All out of love, of course.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Bittner, you had an awesome Readathon! Your cheers were funny, your comments inspiring. It was amazing to do a readathon with my real life friends! And you overcame your twitter hangups! Thank you for sharing in the fun. Now, come this October Readathon, feel free to come out to VA, we can rent a bed and breakfast or hotel room and read our hearts out! And eat!

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