Friday, August 26, 2011

Abducted by life Part 2...

Still haven't had time to write my review on The Great Gatsby.

This weekend is when my book club meets and I still haven't finished my book yet so I've spent the entire day reading. I'm pretty sure that every month I am always the last one to read the books. I don't know why I wait so long to start, it is just a really bad habit I've fallen into. This month's selections was Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. Anyone out there read it?

I wanted to jump on my blog real quick though and thank everyone for there support. It really does mean a lot to me that I have a place to go and just rant like that. The current status is that we are having a store meeting on Monday. I wont for sure know anything until then, but I am feeling better about it for two reasons. 1) I don't see them firing me in front of a whole room of people. 2) If they needed to let me go I think they would get it over with and not continue to pay me to work an extra 4 days. So now I would put my chances at not loosing my job at 75%.

Anyway, other then that I'm still not really in the mood to do much writing.

But I do hope that everyone has a great weekend!

I for one can't wait to finish Perfect Chemistry, go to book club, and have multiple, multiple margaritas!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Abducted by life...

Okay, so here is the thing...

You know that challenge I issued myself to read 25 books in 35 days, well unfortunately that little challenge has come to a screeching halt.

Some stuff is going down at work and, well, there is a slight possibility that I might loose my job. I would say the chances are 40/60. 40% being that I'm definitely loosing my job tomorrow.

And I'm totally freaking out right now.

I don't want to loose my job. I like my job. I don't always like what I do and sometimes it can be really frustrating and boring, but I really love the people I work with and we get along so well.

Plus, there is this whole thing I do that I really enjoy, it is called "paying my rent"! Yeah, I love being able to do that!

The bottom line is that if I do loose my job I'll be fine because I'll figure it out. I just really really don't want to have to figure it out. Not now. I have to take my car into the shop, I have bills that need to be paid. I can't figure this out right now. If I loose my job it changes everything. I mean I know I'll be fine, but in this economy and with everything going on right now there is no time table for "fine". "Fine" is not promised to me this week or next. It may take me a year to get back to "fine".

Oh, God, I'm freaking out.

Anyway, about the challenge. I'm calling it off because right now the last thing I can do is just come home and sit still and read. I need to be up and I need to be moving. I need to be distracted. I need instant gratification. I need a bottle of wine and The Notebook and then I'll be fine.

If it happens, it happens right?

Oh, God, I can't breath.

Anyway, when I first started typing this I was only going to say a little bit about what was going on and then do a quick review over The Great Gatsby, but I can't sit here any longer so that will have to wait.

I should be able to post again on Thursday so I can write about Gatsby then. But if by the grace of God I'm still employed by Thursday, keeping my job is going to require a lot of hard work on my part so I wont be able to commit to my reading schedule like I had hoped.

Anyway, I really need to move away from the computer now.

Thanks for letting me electronically cry on your shoulder.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Abducted by Forever Odd

I first listened to the audio version of Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz almost three years ago! And I loved it!

The town of Pico Mundo is so special, the plot is exciting, the pace is hart pounding, the characters are unique, and Odd Thomas, the title character, I think, is one of the greatest characters ever written. He would be in the top 100 at least! To read the review I wrote for Odd Thomas back in February click HERE.

However, an event takes place at the end of the story that changes things forever and, more specifically, changes Odd. Because of this, I put off continuing with the series until now.

I finally read the second book in the series, Forever Odd, and I've got to say, I was not impressed.

Odd has changed. After everything he went through in the first book there was no way he was going to stay the same. And I truly respect Dean Koontz for the way he incorporated those changes into this new Odd. The changes are very subtle. On the surface he is still the same Odd Thomas, but it is almost like you can tell the luster and shine is gone.

Also, this novel takes place in one day while Odd is searching the desert for his missing friend, Danny. Because of this, all the delightful and entertaining characters that make up the the town are not featured in this one quite as much as they were in the first novel. Some times I talk a little about how I love books that are character driven. I need for a story to have fantastic characters even if the plot sucks. And, unfortunately, I would say that Forever Odd is the perfect example of this.

Let me simplify the plot for you...

A crazy phone sex operator, who is obsessed with the supernatural, becomes intrigued when she learns that one of her clients, Danny, is best friends with a guy who possesses "special" abilities, Odd Thomas. Due to her desire to get as close as possible to the other side, she kidnaps her client in order persuade Odd to give her a demonstration of his powers.That is literally all that happens in this book. The beginning is Odd finding out his friend is missing and then the search begins. And that's it! Seriously!

So, no, the plot is not that great. Some of the scenes could be pretty action packed and my heart would just start to begin to race, but ultimately I was underwhelmed.

However, because it is Odd Thomas, the book was still worth the read and the ending still made me cry. When it comes to Odd Thomas I could literally read an entire book of him telling me about flood drainage or something.

Oh, wait, I just did!

Okay, okay, that joke was a little harsh (however, it was also true).

If you haven't read Odd Thomas yet, please please PLEASE do so! The first novel is amazing. Read it! I promise you'll love it! Then you can make up your own mind about the rest of the series. I'm still looking forward to reading Brother Odd, the third book. I bought it at Borders during their going out of business sale. I'm not sure when I'll have time to get to it, but I determined not to let my...what's the word...hold on let me check a thesaurus... "discontentment" stop me from enjoying what is still to come.

I've recently become obsessed with Anton Yelchin! Mainly because I saw a trailer for his new movie Like Crazy and nearly died! So, now I'm really excited about him playing Odd in the feature adaptation, whenever that happens...

Actually, I just checked and it says they are now filming!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Abducted By Blog Hop 8.19

Went to the library today...

Paid my $3.90 late fees for the two audio books I kept 2 weeks past due...

And then I checked out 4 more!!!

Yup, that is right! I'm totally ambitious! 

With those 4 books and my daily cheer from my cheerleader (love you Holly) I'm feeling so motivated! I know I can still complete my challenge so don't count me out yet. 

after I write my review for Forever Odd I'll be at
17 more books : 19 more days

But I wanted to take a quick break today and answer the two questions out in the blog community!

For the Blog Hop hosted by Crazy for Books the question was: 

"What is the longest book you've read?"

My answer:

The unabridged edition of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

And yes, this book is my go to book when I feel the need to distinguish myself.

I'll be at book club and we'll be talking about books and I'll say; (in the poshest accent I can muster) "Well, when I was reading the full 1312 page of Count of Monte Cristo I learned that Alexandre Dumas really liked eating grapes." - or something like that!

Now, over at Follow Fridays hosted by Parajunkee the question was:

"If you could write yourself a part in a book, 
what book would it be and what role would you play?" 

 My answer: 

 Harry Potter of course! I would be a slightly misfit Hufflepuff who becomes Neville's love interest!

I've loved Neville since the beginning, but come on! Have you seen how Hot that kids become???


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abducted by Challenge Day 20

Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day reading!

It was horrendous!

Mostly because the three books I managed to finish were not very interesting.

Wait, I take that back, they were was just that they weren't the type of books one would normally try to read in one sitting.

But still, I did nothing else! My apartment is a mess, the sink is over flowing with dishes. My dog Riley needs a bath and that still hasn't happened. And I haven't watched any TV what-so-ever since Sunday nights episode of The New Jersey Housewives! (Ashley is such a spoiled brat! I hope Jacqueline really does kick her out because she totally deserves it!)

I'm going to write about two of the books I finished now and save the last one (Forever Odd by Dean Koontz, 2nd book in the Odd Thomas series) for Saturday!

Okay, so starting off we have...

How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card.

I got this book about two years ago. Back when I thought I was going to be a fantasy writer! Nothing against fantasy, but really...what was I thinking?! I mean, other then the books I read for book club, I don't really read science fiction or fantasy books, I don't really see the world that way, I don't really think that way, those really aren't the kind of characters I picture when I sit down to start writing. So again I ask you; what was I thinking!?!

I think I was thinking that I really wanted to go to Sci-Fi conventions and have people come dressed up in costumes that were based off my stories! Because, I mean come on, really, that would be AWESOME!

But I have to be true to myself and the stories in me. And those stories are not fantasy. I do have to say, though, that there is a lot to be gained by learning the techniques of writing in all the different genres.

I have never read anything by Orson Scott Card, I just bought this book randomly. I wanted to read this one now because it is only a little over 100 pages so I thought it would be a quick read. It wasn't, at least not for me.  Some of the parts when he was talking about time travel and other sci-fi elements, since they didn't really apply to the stories I want to write, they were kind of boring. It was like trying to read 140 pages of a text book in one sitting.

But in the end, it was worth it.

There was a lot of helpful advice and tips found in the book. Everything was explained thoroughly and with a lot of humor. If you are a fan of Orson Scott Card, or want to one day write sci-fi, then this book would be really helpful. And even though it was slightly difficult for me to get through it, I can recognize that for it's purpose it was a good book. So on goodreads I rated this book 4/5.

The other book that I finished yesterday was I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert.

All I really want to say about this book is that if you are a fan of Stephen Colbert, you should read this book because it is really funny. However, like with the book mentioned above, some parts felt to me as if I was trying to read a text book. I think this mainly comes from the fact that when you read these kinds of books you are not reading a "story". There is no underlying tension pulling you through chapter by chapter; paragraph by paragraph. So it was difficult to try to finish in one sitting. I would recommend this more as a coffee table book to read over time.

But I it was really funny! My friend/co-worker, Shavonne, also has this book. When I was reading it at work I was trying really hard not to read it to her because I wanted to give her the chance to read it herself, but I kept coming across so many parts that had my dying laughing and I would be like;

 " have to hear this is so funny...hahaha...
All weather is sin-related. Lust causes thunder, anger causes fog, 
and you don't want to know what causes dew..."dew-ing" it! 
And if you wonder what God thinks about sodomy, just ask a Sodomite. 
Oh, that's right - you can't, because God destroyed them all with fire and brimstone!

I rated this book 4/5 as well on goodreads. 

and now we are down to...
18 more books : 20 more days 
-getting a little nervous here guys

Friday, August 12, 2011

Abducted by a Blog Hop, a book, and a request...

As the title of this post suggests, we have a lot to cover today so let's get down to business...

I am going to start with the blog hop but I do have a request and would love everyone's help, so if you don't want to read this entire post, at least skip to the end and leave whatever recommendations you have in the comments. - Thank you!

This week the question for the Blog Hop hosted by Crazy For Books was...

Let's talk crazy book titles! Highlight one or two (or as many as you like!) titles in your personal collection that have the most interesting titles!

Well, I do have a couple of books that have very peculiar titles. Like; Go Mutants!, Still Life With Woodpecker, and Round Ireland With A Fridge.

But this question actually ties in perfectly with the book I was still needing to write a review for and so my ultimate selection for book with the craziest title is....



And what is kind of funny is that it was my love of the crazy titles given to this series of books by Louise Rennison that made me want to start reading them in the first place.

Stephanie over at reviewed this series (if you click on her link it will take you to her review of this A,T, & FFS) and her reviews really started to suck me in. But every time she reviewed a book I was really more taken by their titles then the humor that Steph promised each one held inside itself.

I can't wait to read the 6th book in the series entitled "Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers"!

Now, as for my review of this book, here is what I will tell you...

I loved it!

I loved the humor. Especially the instances that involved Georgia attempting to remove or permanently alter any of her hair. I have very vivid memories of my little sister trying to pluck her own eyebrows and just destroying them! So, that scene for Georgia had me rolling on the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks. And even though I never personally lost my eyebrows, I have had my own horror stories when it comes to trying to dye my hair. My hair has been every color from red, blond, brown, orange, and (on one occasion when I accidentally fell asleep during the dying process) purplish gray.

I loved all the side characters from the crazy cat, the cranky neighbors, all of Georgia's friends, and her adorable little sister.

But the thing that really got me, was the voice. When reading this book you know, without a doubt, that this is the mind of a 14 year old girl. This is how 14 year olds think and speak and act. The book was so completely genuine to the voice of this character that I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with nostalgia. And what intrigues me more then the plot of each book, is the eagerness to see how / if that voice is going to change and grow throughout the series. 

My only complaint is that I wasn't a fan of how she treated her father. But, I think that stems from the fact that I am such a complete Daddy's girl that I would never talk to my dad like that!!!

Originally I was only going to give this book a 3/5 when I rated it on goodreads. Because even though I thought the book was really light and funny, I kind of...sort of...felt like it lacked real content. Not in a bad way, I swear! Just in the way that not a lot really happens to a typical 14 year old, so therefore not a lot really happens in the book.

HOWEVER!!! Then I got to the last chapter, and she started bleaching her hair and then it fell out right in front of a certain someone!!! I was totally won over! That one scene earned a whole other star toward my rating system!

So, ultimately, I rated Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging 4/5! I do have the sequel at home ready to go but I think I am going to try to space them out a bit.

Okay, so, I've done my blog hop entry and I have reviewed the book that so many of my loyal followers were eager to for my request.

I've been on a total positivity kick lately! Just making an effort to attract positivity to me and repel the negative. And this all coincides with getting ready to work on NaNoWriMo in November. I've had the idea for my upcoming NaNo project since March and it is going to be a story all about positivity, starting over, and learning to love yourself. I'm very excited about it.

I've already started putting together a playlist of music to listen to in order to help get me ready, but I need more!

I need positive and uplifting songs! Songs that when you listen to them in the morning they make it impossible for you to not turn up the volume and dance like a Peanut character all the way to work! Songs that make you feel bolder and stronger and braver! Songs that are infectious with their up tempo melodies and meaningful lyrics! I want lots and lots and lots of HAPPY songs!

All suggestions are welcome!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Abducted by Monday Memories 8.8.11

Well, hello there!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to Texas to spend the weekend with my sister, Lindsey, and my brother in-law, Jason!

So, I thought it would be nice, for my Monday Memory, if I shared about books that meant a lot to Lindsey, myself, and my older sister Stephanie when we were kids.

That would be the works of Dr. Seuss!

And just as a reminder, Monday Memory is hosted by Annette!

When my sisters and I were kids we spent our summers at our Grandparents house. We were really lucky because all of our Grandparents lived in the same town as us. I always thought it was so strange when my childhood friends would talk about only getting to see their grandparents one week during the summer or during major holidays. Mine were always just right here. They took us to doctor's appointments, packed school lunches, drove us to camp, took us to swim practice, and taught us to drive. We were really close.

When I was a kid we would spend our summers at their house and they had this one book shelf that was covered with books. Most of the books were ones that we had left there, but the majority of them were from when we were really young, so it was a lot of Dr. Seuss.

I know Lindsey always liked Are You My Mother. And my older sister, Stephanie, said that her favorite was between Are You My Mother and Green Eggs and Ham. But my favorite was the Put Me In The Zoo book. I loved how the spots would transfer to all the different objects in the back ground and how they would change colors.

But my Grandmother liked Green Eggs and Ham. She would read it to us all the time.

I do not like them, Sam I am
I do not like green eggs and ham...

When it came time for lunch my Grandmother would sometimes let us help her in the kitchen. One of our favorite meals quickly became scrambled eggs. Now, I'm sure my Grandmother only fed us this a couple of times a week but of course I remember this as if we had scrambled eggs EVERYDAY!

But because of the poem in the book, we always called it SamIam!

Grandma would come in and ask, "What do you want for lunch today?" and we would cheer, "SamIam! SamIam!"

And then she would take us to the kitchen, help show us how to crack the eggs without dropping any of the egg shells. How to melt the butter and when to stir the eggs so they don't stick to  the bottom.

It is a really special memory and therefore a very special book. And I am looking forward to the day when my sister and brother in-law, finally makes me an Aunt, so I can come over and make SamIam with her kids!

I've included some pictures of my family. My Grandfather passed away in 2007 and my Grandmother passed in  2008 so these pictures are a little old, but they are my family.

Thanksgiving 2006
Stephanie, Grandpa Paul, Me in the back, and Lindsey

Easter 2008
Grandma Winona and Lindsey

Have a great week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Abducted by Blog Hop 8.05

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited! This weekend my mom and I are traveling down to the great state of Texas to spend some quality time with my little sister Lindsey and my brother in-law Jason!

I've missed them the last two times they've come up for a visit so I'm glad I'll be getting to see them. Also, it is fun to go and see their house and all the improvements and home projects they have done. We are going to go see the JFK museum, get In-N-Out Burger, and spend an evening at home watching Christmas movies (to help remind us that this God forsaken heat wont last forever)!

But for now, since it is Friday, I thought I would see what was going on over at the blog hop hosted by Crazy for Books!

This week the question is...

"What is the one ARC you would love to get your hands on right now?"

I don't know, that is such a tough question!

I'm beyond excited for John Green's The Fault In Our Stars to be released but I am definitely willing to wait for my autographed copy!

Yeah, that's right, I'm so special that John Green himself is sending me an autographed copy of his next book! I am just that awesome! - Just kidding guys!
Seriously though I am willing to wait for this one. Sort of a delaying of gratification, that kind of thing.

I am hearing a lot of buzz about this new book Glow. My friend Andrea does have an ARC for this one and she brought it to our last book club meet up. Since then I've been seeing it pop up on blogs all over the place! So, I think that is the one I would go with. Plus, Andrea said it was brilliant and I trust her well enough, so, I bet it is really good.

In other news I did finish two books this week and I fully intended to write reviews on them for my blog, but I'm running out of time today and I have to actually get some work done before heading to Texas. I will write it some time next week, I promise! I know Steph and Holly are probably dying to read about my thoughts on Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging!

But for those of you keeping up with my reading challenge, right now the count down is at...

20 more books : 28 more days
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