Friday, August 5, 2011

Abducted by Blog Hop 8.05

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited! This weekend my mom and I are traveling down to the great state of Texas to spend some quality time with my little sister Lindsey and my brother in-law Jason!

I've missed them the last two times they've come up for a visit so I'm glad I'll be getting to see them. Also, it is fun to go and see their house and all the improvements and home projects they have done. We are going to go see the JFK museum, get In-N-Out Burger, and spend an evening at home watching Christmas movies (to help remind us that this God forsaken heat wont last forever)!

But for now, since it is Friday, I thought I would see what was going on over at the blog hop hosted by Crazy for Books!

This week the question is...

"What is the one ARC you would love to get your hands on right now?"

I don't know, that is such a tough question!

I'm beyond excited for John Green's The Fault In Our Stars to be released but I am definitely willing to wait for my autographed copy!

Yeah, that's right, I'm so special that John Green himself is sending me an autographed copy of his next book! I am just that awesome! - Just kidding guys!
Seriously though I am willing to wait for this one. Sort of a delaying of gratification, that kind of thing.

I am hearing a lot of buzz about this new book Glow. My friend Andrea does have an ARC for this one and she brought it to our last book club meet up. Since then I've been seeing it pop up on blogs all over the place! So, I think that is the one I would go with. Plus, Andrea said it was brilliant and I trust her well enough, so, I bet it is really good.

In other news I did finish two books this week and I fully intended to write reviews on them for my blog, but I'm running out of time today and I have to actually get some work done before heading to Texas. I will write it some time next week, I promise! I know Steph and Holly are probably dying to read about my thoughts on Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging!

But for those of you keeping up with my reading challenge, right now the count down is at...

20 more books : 28 more days


Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

I've not heard of Glow, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Karen L. said...

Is Glow the sci-fi one? If so, I'm excited for that one too--there's def not enough sci-fi in YA. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following you back!

Anonymous said...

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fakesteph said...

You're right! I'm still waiting to hear your thoughts!!!!

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