My rating system is based on the idea that your most recent abductor is giving you time to pack prior to your actual abduction.

Here is where I will guide you on how much you should plan on bringing with you...

I wouldn't bother grabbing anything more then your wallet or purse for this one. You'll be free of this abduction before you leave your driveway.

I would grab maybe a briefcase or a backpack for this one. Your abduction wont last too long, but you might just make it out of the neighborhood.

I would pack a weekend bag for this one. Your abductor is more then likely going to carry you into a neighboring state. You'll spend some quality time together, but you'll be back to reality before you know it.

I would do some serious packing from this one. When this abductor comes for you, try to think of it more like a two week vacation! One that you may need a couple of days to recover from when you finally do make it back. But don't worry too much, because you will make it back.

There is no coming back from this one! You are going to need to bring every thing you own because this abductor is playing for keeps! Don't forget your passport and birth certificate because you may be suffering from stockholm syndrome by the time this abduction is over. 
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