Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I recently finished a book called Books for Living by Will Schwalbe in which he assigned each chapter a different action or phrase and then made book recommendations that corresponded with it.

That got me thinking about what books I would recommend for those phrases and I've decided to write about my selections here. 

Next up...


Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I've tried to write this piece several times and in several different ways and every time it comes across even cheesier than the time before.

I guess it is impossible, or so it would seem, to discuss the ability to trust oneself, to build trusting relationships, and how those dynamics are depicted through out the Harry Potter series, without coming across as a complete cornball.

Ultimately what I was trying to get at was that when it comes to the magic in the Harry Potter series, so much of the power is found within. You have to trust that you have had the ability inside you all along. The strength and command to conjure up fire, to unlock doors, to transform the world around you, to protect oneself with a majestic swan patronus (because that's what http://www.magiquiz.com/quiz/whats-your-patronus/ said I would have) all that power comes from trusting yourself. Believing in yourself.

But there is another lesson that Harry so often has to learn. That is to trust your friends.
Harry continually struggles with trusting that his friends care for him, are loyal to him, and support him no matter what (see the beginning of book 5 if you don't believe me. And even when he is on good terms with his friends, he has a hard time trusting them enough to delegate. He believes that only he can face Voldemort and their for tries to take on everything by himself.
What JK Rowling consistently teaches Harry is that he needs teamwork to overcome his biggest obstacle.

I'm probably one of the worst people to ever talk to anyone about the importance of trusting oneself. But I would trust my friends with my life. With everything I have. They are amazing, strong, intelligent people. I would be lost without them.

And through them I am learning to trust myself as well.


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