Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abducted by Nunga-Nungas

I have recently finished reading the third book in the Georgia Nicolson series...

I really enjoyed this addition to the series because it was the first time we got to see Robbie and Georgia together! Of course there are ten books in the series, and we are talking about a 14 year old girl, so it is safe to assume they may not be together long. But I really liked seeing them as a couple! 

There was a very very settle shift in this book, where you could just slightly see that Georgia is starting to grow up. I mean she is still sassy little Georgia, but I am excited to see what she is going to be like at the end of the series! The best way that I have been explaining this series to my friends is that Georgia is like the Lizzy McGuire of England. She is fourteen and she is wild and crazy, but she still has that innocent naive side to her.

I am beginning to feel like Georgia and I are becoming quite good friends. Every time I pick up the next book in the series it is like I'm calling to check in with her. 

The other night I was watching this countdown of the most insane infomercials and one of them was for this product called "nose secret". They basically are these bars that you put in your nose to make your nose longer in the front and less wide on the sides. All I could think when I saw it was; that is exactly what Georgia needs! She is always so obsessed with how "big" her nostrils are. 

In Nunga-Nungas she is not only obsessed with how big her nose is but also with how fast her breasts are growing. One of my favorite lines is when she wants to ask her parents for money to get a breast reduction but she says that her dad wont give her the money "Even if [her] breasts were so big that [she] had to have two servants called Carlos and Juan to carry them around for [her]!" 

I know I have said this time and time again, but this girl really is crazy in the absolute best possible way! 

This weekend I finally got to see the movie Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging which is based on the first two novels in the Georgia Nicolson series! And it was ADORABLE!!! I loved it so much! For these reasons...

The movie is different from the books because the books are diary entries. There are a lot of things that a young girl would write in her diary that she would not say out loud. So you do loose those little gems from Georgia, but her personality and her identity is still there. And I got to see a lot of the little moments that I loved so dearly from the book. Like seeing Georgia dressed as an olive, the picture of the girls making hog faces, and Georgia's hair falling out when she tries to dye it. 

I loved that the movie gave an arc to Georgia's character that isn't in the book. We get to see a more emotional side to her, her parents, and also to Robbie. I enjoyed seeing that side of Georgia because even though it isn't in the book (yet) I always knew she had it in her. 

And the main reason why I loved the movie was because the band that acts as the band Stiff Dylans from the book, they freaking ROCK!!! I've been singing their main song, Ultraviolet, for five days now! 

I would give Knocked Out By My Nunga Nungas an abduction rating of...

And I would also give Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging an abduction rating of...


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I soooo need to read these books!

Okay, earlier you asked about the arcs, but I don't own the arcs, I participate in Around the World ARC Tours. I get the books for 1 week and then have to mail them to the next blogger. I am not allowed to share them with anyone on pain of death. And there wouldn't be enough time to send it from here to you, and then have both of us read a book within a week. But you can join the site!

fakesteph said...

Hehehe... I love this series. Georgia and me are besties... I think I am going to do a Georgia marathon when I get home from Cali and I'll have to rent the movie now, too. :) Kate, I can lend you this seires, I have them all, and two copies of one of them.

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

Okay, I'm going to have to borrow your books sometime. And for some reason I think Holly would love this series too. Not sure why, but it seems like something I could see her snorting at! ;)

That "nose secret" thing is really kind of creeping me out! Are those things really tiny or what? They'd have to be, otherwise people would see them! Yeesh.

Great review Courtney!

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