Monday, March 10, 2014

In Bed With A Book...Day 2

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Today is Day 2 of my 3 Day vacation from work where I have absolutely nothing planned but reading books!

Yesterday I was able to finish It Had To Be You by Jill Shalvis. I read 50 pages of Girl, 15, Charming but Insane by Sue Limb. And I made progress on listening to the audio file for The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

This is what my reading plans looked like for today...

I started reading The Dinner by Herman Koch (my pick for book club on Saturday). I read about 25 more pages of Girl, 15. And I started the audio file for Matched.

Now, as far as The Help goes. Well, I became completely and utterly abducted by it today and literally did spend the entire day in bed with that book! I could not put it down because I HAD to know how certain story lines were going to end.

I also watched a few episodes of Alias and wrote a review over Inkheart that will go up on Wednesday.

Phew! Busy busy!

Tomorrow my plans are for more Alias and review writing. I also really really really want to finish Girl 15 and read at least 100 pages of The Dinner. We'll see how I do!


Unknown said...

Do you think you could start a whole section of your reviews to be directed at me? For example : "I really liked this one, but no Lindsey you would not." Now I'm thinking of adding The Help to the list of books I want to read the day I get the mood to do so. Thoughts?

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