Sunday, October 23, 2011

Abducted by Readathon hours 10-?

I've completely lost track of what hour we are in!

Hold on let me do some quick math....

7:00pm would have been hour is now midnight here in that makes this hour 17!

I can't believe it has already been 8 whole hours since my last post!

Okay, so book club started at 6 and, like I said, it is now midnight so book club lasted for 6 hours!!!

Yep, that is just how our book club rolls!

We had so much fun, it was a total blast!

I was able to get my entire apartment cleaned (or at least the important parts...don't ask about my bedroom!) by 5 and then Mandy showed up early, just as I was starting to get the food ready, and helped me prepare the chicken! Actually, she cooked the whole thing! Which was awesome! She totally cooked the dinner and then when we were done eating everything she cleared all the plates and then loaded and started my dishwasher for me! How amazing is that???

I have the best friends!

For dinner we had Parmesan Crusted Chicken (the Hellmann's recipe) with angel hair pasta and tomato sauce, and garlic bread. I tried to make a salad, but when I opened the bag of lettuce it had already started to brown, so we had to just throw it out. Then for dessert we had chocolate fondue with angel food cake, pretzels, mint chocolate marshmellows, strawberries, and cheesecake bites!

Do I really have to say how good it all was, or are you already jealous :)

We also drank four bottles of wine. Because my book club girls and I, we like our wine!

Then, after we discussed I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason by Susan Kandel, we played a murder mystery game.

This is Andrea (the bad boy Ralph Rottingrape), Me (the detective Bud Wizer...I have a pipe in my mouth so that is why I look like I'm making an odd face), Amanda (the vineyard care taker Papa Vito) and Holly (the German wine merchant Otto Von Schnapps)

And these were the ladies! Tracy (the neighboring vineyard owner Hedy Shablee), Ame (the vineyard pageant winner turned movie star Marilyn Merlot), and Mandy (the seemingly innocent wife of Ralph Rottingrape and former fiance of the victim of the murder, Bruce Underwood).

We also gave a trophy to whomever came most in character. Amanda won for two reasons. One, because she looked adorable. And two, because after we all voted on who we thought the killer was, it was revealed that her character was the killer, but no one had voted for her! So, basically she got away with murder!!!

Now, after I've written all of this, it is 1am. I'm really going to try to start a graphic novel and see if I can read it quickly before I pass out. I do want to attend mass in the morning so I already know I can't pull an all nighter. But we will just see how far we get.


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...


And Bittner, just for the record, I would have given the trophy to you, you looked really good!

I'm happy for you that the meeting went so well (okay, maybe not 100% because of the whole jealousy thing)!

Now on to readathon!

And because I love you, a little cheer:

Don't close your eyes
The best part is about to arrive
It's a Cheerleader surprise
Reading keeps us alive

(kind of like clapping and fairies)
(you don't want a readathon cheerleader to die, do you?)

fakesteph said...

Ahhhhh! So fun! That chicken looks soooo good! I've totally played that murder mystery game. I was Marilyn Merlot and all I remember was how much fun it was! I totally want to do another one. :)

Also, I love how Kate keeps killing off the cheerleaders in her cheers. It totally makes me laugh every time. Which is good, because laughing keeps me awake!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I am totally down for a murder mystery... maybe I can convince my book club too!

You're reading all day and all of the night
And tomorrow morning you'll surely look a fright
But just look at those books, a magnificent sight,
If Dewey's 24 Readthon is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Anonymous said...

What a great write up for the evening.

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