Sunday, November 6, 2011

Abducted by NaNo part 2

Well, let us just say that my participation in the Epic Write-a-thon was an EPIC failure!

I think in total I only wrote like 1500 words!

I went in to work for "just a quick trip" and ended up staying there 3 HOURS!

However, I'm not worried. If there is one thing I have learned from the few episodes of Top Chef I've been sucked into, it is that the only win that matters is the last one.

So, yeah, I wasn't successful today, but as long as I complete NaNo in the end...well then, I'm still a winner.

But I do want to send a big shout out to Steph for being such a great hostess! She puts a lot of work into running that blog and she does a great job

Thanks Steph!

I think when New Years comes around my resolution for the next year is going to be to get better at my time management skills.


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

You know, I'd get that book, but I probably wouldn't make the time to read it...

I kind of failed yesterday, but it certainly wasn't for lack of Steph posting awesome quotes and inspiration. I just can't seem to shake this sinusitis!

So I hear you're responsible for the earthquake... ;)

fakesteph said...

I saw on the news you guys just got a tornado. Have you been procrastinating? :)

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