Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abducted by Nostalgia

A long long time ago (three and a half years to be exact) my friend Kate and I started an online book club. It really only consisted of myself, Kate, and our friend Amanda, but the idea was for others to join in. These days Kate and I are both in our own seperately successful book clubs. However, Kate has recently decided to restart our online book club called The Midnight Book Club. We'll each post about the books are clubs are reading that month and hopefully start some good online discussions about them.

But that is not all I wanted to share today!

What I really wanted to share is that, all those years ago, Kate and I had two completely different blogs then the ones we present to you today! Kate was able to find the links to them and sent me mine and I've had so much fun looking over my old blog posts that I felt I just had to share them! So for the next couple of weeks I'm randomly going to re-post some of the highlights from that first blog of mine. Starting today!

The summer that all of this was going on was also the summer that I moved into my first solo apartment. I had moved out with roommates before, but now it is just me, myself, and my dog Riley. And in that first summer I didn't have cable or internet or anything, so I had to rely on dvds to make up my entertainment. Which isn't so different from how I live now, if I'm totally honest.

Anyway, so Kate loaned me the entire series of Felicity on dvd to help pass the time. And one of my first posts was about the tragedy that was the relationship of Julie and Zach in the first season...

"the Pink Guy" and the Pink Power Ranger

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Why Zach, Why!?!
Zach just raped Julie!! I can't believe it! I mean how could he? He was perfect, I loved him, I was rooting for him!! He was so adorable being all shy and cute. He was a film geek, I love film geeks!! I mean really Zach you couldn't have taken it slow? That's all Julie wanted. I mean hell, that girl sat through Solaris TWICE for you. Granted the first time she watched it in parts and the second time she fell asleep but hey, the effort was made. You guys were so cute together.
Okay I know I know, I have got to get a grip. I can't completely fall apart over a show that aired a decade ago. And Julie and Zach weren't even the main couple of the show (for that we turn towards the tortured triangle of Felicity, Ben, and Noel) but I loved Zach! And may I point out that in the first SIX episodes of the first season of Felicity, the start of the Zach and Julie disaster, the only abusive thing Zach does is aggressivly handing her her popcorn after she got done ripping his movie apart. So how could those #%$*&^~ writers turn my sweet adorable lovable Zach, into a rapist!?! It's just not fair. NOT FAIR I TELL YOU!!! I DEMAND a re-write.
Alright to be honest, I knew it was coming. I was 15 when Felicity first was on tV. The thing was though that Felicity just kept really pissing me off. She kept crossing the line with all her friends and breaking promises and telling secrets. So after the first half of the first season I just gave up on her. I had seen enough to know that this would happen to Julie. And when I first saw Zach with his pink laundry I suspected that he would be the one. I hoped that I was wrong. But alas, nothing can be done. It is over, they are over. But thanks to my friend Kate, I can now watch Felicity, the whole series, from start to finish. And maybe by the end of it, I will have forgiven Felicity for all her faults and watch as Julie finds another love."

Nice, right? Does it sound like me? I think so! I was really torn up about all that drama! 
Just wait, later this week I will re-post the letter I wrote to J.J. Abrams discussing the ending of the show. 


fakesteph said...

My tumblr is basically dedicated to my old diaries. I love it!! :)

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Love it! How the heck did we forget about those blogs? I was still writing it when I moved out here! I think we must have the only two bravenet blog accounts in the universe...

I was sad about pink guy too, because I had liked him when he was on My So Called Life. Plus it kept Julie away from Ben, and while I love Noel, I was not cool with Benlie.

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