Sunday, April 15, 2012

Abducted by Sundays in bed with...4.15.12


I live in the town of Norman, OK and this weekend we have been having some pretty severe weather. I have lived in Norman all my life and although we have had many many many tornado warnings through out the years, Norman has never been actually struck by a tornado. Moore is a town just ten miles north of us and they are like a magnet for storms. The joke has always been that tornadoes come to Moore but as soon as they hit Norman city limits they disintegrate. 

Well, on Friday, while I was at work in Moore, a tornado did come through my neighborhood in Norman uprooting trees and damaging homes. My apartment was untouched but the homes just one block north of me were hit. 

That picture is of the intersection of Lindsey and 24th Street!!! My apartment is on the very next street!!! I just can't believe it! I have never seen Norman look like this! I'm almost 30 and nothing like this has ever happened to Norman least not in my life time! 

Last night, the weather was predicted to be even worse then the Friday storms, but the metro area was extremely lucky and the severe weather headed north and all we had were thunderstorms. 

Even though I am profoundly grateful to be able to say that we here in the metro survived, my heart also goes out to all those living in the town of Woodward and there surrounding neighborhoods. The tornadoes that did develop in the storms last night destroyed Woodward and also traveled through Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those that were affected. 

Putting those scary storms aside...

I'm now home safe and sound and spending my Sunday in bed with...

I'm listening to this one on my laptop so here is that picture...

I usually like to save my audio books for closer to bed time, but I just realized that I don't have any finished books that I can write a review on for my post tomorrow! So, since I only have about two and a half hours left on this one, I thought I might finish it up quick so that I can have a fresh review ready to go. 

So far I am leaning towards a three for this one, but you never know, the ending could change everything!

The "Sundays in bed with..." meme was started by my friend Kate, and the big question is...

What are you spending Sunday and bed with?


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

First off, I am so, so, so grateful that you are safe!

Second, I liked 13 Little Blue Envelopes, but I much prefer the sequel to it, and of course, The Name of the Star. Maureen Johnson just gets better with age!

Hopefully the storms stay away for Readathon weekend! Although, seriously, you have to stop making plans on days of the Readathon. ;)

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

OMG! Kate and I were just talking about you and tornadoes yesterday. I'm so glad you're ok!

It looks like it's a Maureen Johnson day for both of us. Hopefully the ending blows you away, but if not a 3 star book is ok too.

fakesteph said...

This is my least favorite of Johnson's books... I actually have the sequel on my tbr pile and I'm a HUGE Maureen Johnson fangirl. Check out Suite Scarlet. SO GOOD!

I was about to text you to see if you made it when I saw you tweet that you were safe! Glad you're okay. :)

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

I'm so glad that we're all okay, and that your apartment wasn't hit! Super scary crazy shiz! But yes, I feel so bad for all the others that were affected by these storms! It's so horrible.

I still haven't read any Maureen Johnson, but I love her! I have The Name of the Star but it has been pushed back... One of these days I'll get to it. I hope the ending gets better on 13 Little Blue Envelopes!

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