Sunday, September 16, 2012

Abducted by Carrie Read-a-long Part One

I just got to the end of Part 1 of Carrie and I'm hoping to finish it today. I'm taking a quick break to answer the first round of questions posted at Midnightbookgirl before I continue on though. I'm a little late to be posting this so I am going to try to keep my answers brief. Plus I want to get back to the story.

1. Is this your first Stephen King book?

No, I think when I'm done with Carrie I will have read 3 and a half. I've read The Eyes of the Dragon and Bag of Bones in the past. Also I read Faithful which was co-written by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan which chronicles the 2004 Red Sox season. Loved it! But since it was co-written and isn't a work of fiction I'm not sure if it would count towards a whole.

2. What do you think of the style Carrie is written in?

I am listening to the audio version but so far I am enjoying it. I haven't had any problems following the book even though it does jump around quite a bit.

3.  Do you think the bullying/attack on Carrie that occurs in the late 1970's in the book could happen today?  

Without a doubt, absolutely! Kids are horrible sometimes and what happens when they get that whole mob mentality going is disgusting. I am fortunate to have never personally experienced or witnessed this level of bullying but I have no doubt it happens. 

4.  What are your thoughts on Carrie's mother?

Love her, she's awesome! No, really, I think she is troubled and misguided and completely psychotic. 

5.  Young Carrie brings the rain of rocks down on her house at the tender age of three, but then there are no major events for years. Why do you think her powers remained fairly quiet until now?  What role does her mother play in Carrie's use of her power?

I'm not sure. I think the powers may have been dormant because on some level Carrie was afraid of the power within her. But that is just a guess because I honestly don't know. I know her mother's treatment of Carrie and the way the kids at school treated her played a huge part in her developing her power, people can only take so much. But I have a feeling that I'm only looking at the issues on the surface and that there is a deeper motivation running throughout the story, but I guess I'm not there yet.

6. Do you believe that telekinesis exists? 

I believe a lot of things exist that I can't understand or wrapped my head around. Telekinesis? Sure, why not!

7. What is your favorite moment so far?

I don't know if it would be my "favorite" moment but I was moved by the part from Sue's book where she says that they were "just kids". She repeats it over and over again because she wants people to remember that even though what happened from beginning (shower scene) to end (prom night) no matter how big and bad they all tried to act, they were just kids. They were stupid and ignorant and had the very limited childish selfish invincible way of seeing the world that comes with being just a kid. It is know justification for what happened, but I do agree it is important to remember. 

8. What do you think of Sue's plan to have Tommy take Carrie to the prom?

I think it is a little much and she should have known she was asking for trouble. She could have just asked Carrie to sit with them and have root beer floats at the diner. Prom is a big deal but Carrie could have just gone with them in a group. She should  have known it was going to cause trouble to take her from the bottom of the food chain and try to give her a spot at the top. 

9. Any predictions (um, only if you haven't read this before or seen the movie! ;)

I have seen the movie and while I don't remember most of it I do remember the ending. 

10.  Just how crazy is Mrs. White?!

A part of me wants to say that she is just misguided but I'm not so sure. I don't think there is anything you could do or say to get this chick to check back into reality. She's is way too far gone. Around the bend and off her rocker! She is full on crazy!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Yeah, I like how Sue said that they were just kids too, and it's important to remember that the press has vilified Sue when in reality she was just trying to help Carrie. Her entire world was destroyed that night too, but really, they were all just kids. Except Chris, who just a bitch!

I didn't think that the rock incident might have scared Carrie with the force of her powers- good point!

Also, yes, inviting Carrie along with her and Tommy to prom, maybe finding her a suitably nerdy guy to hang out with, would have been far saner. But... hindsight, right?

I am so proud of you for reading this book! I know "scary" stories aren't really your thing, so it means a great deal to me!

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I think the whole bullying incident that Sue participated in kind of made her a little crazy. Like it impacted her almost as much as it did Carrie, does that make sense?

All I have to say about Carrie's mom is "dirtypillows" which is probably how I'll refer to them until forever.

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