Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abducted by Tuesday Teasers

So a couple of weeks ago I saw on another blog a meme called the "Teaser Tuesdays" and I thought it sounded like a really cool idea so I wanted to give it a shot. It is really simple, basically you just open whatever book you are currently reading, flip to a random page, and type it up in your blog post (preferably on a Tuesday) , and share it with the world. I believe it is being hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading so feel free to pass it on.


Over this weekend I dreamt that I forgot to read the book for my next book club meet up and when I got there it turned out that NO ONE had read it. So I was sitting there trying to convince my friend Mandy, who is hosting this month, that I read it.

I was all "No, really, I read it, I swear I did. I really loved that one part...you know when that really important thing happened. I mean I don't want to ruin it for everyone else...but that part was really good." And Mandy was all looking at me like "Seriously, are you kidding me!?!" and I felt horrible. So now I am like full force ahead trying to get the book finished by Saturday. And that is the book that I want to feature for my first TEASER TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

The book is called Finder by Terri-Lynne DeFino.

Are you ready???

Here we go!!!

We are going to go with the bottom of page 101...

"You ready?"

"I am." Ethen smiled and reached for Zihariel. When she placed her hand in his, she noticed purple-black swirls on the inside of his wrist, almost like symbols; almost familiar.

"What's that?"

Ethen blushed and Dane chuckled. "He wanted marks of his own."


Ethen pulled up his sleeve. "It says, Zee. I don't know what means what, but that's what Dane says. He did it for me."

"I think it's a really old alphabet of some kind," Dane said. "Rury's mamahti used to decorate the pottery she made with it. She taught me. They look pretty, don't they?"

"They're beautiful," Zihariel told him.

"I figure if you have to wear marks saying you're mine, I should have some saying I'm yours." He kissed her nose. "No one will know that but you and me. Fair's fair."


Yeah, I know, me too! Unfortunately I haven't made it that far yet! But I will...I will I promise!

And for those of you who want a little bit more here is the summary from Goodreads:

Survival along Therk's seedy coast is precarious.
Hounds rule the streets with fear and fists.
Former highwaymen now call themselves Merchants.
Spices, rare since the desert swallowed the Spice Way, are forbidden to all but the wealthy and powerful.

Ethen's ability to Find lost objects has helped him survive in this world; now, it's going to make him rich. The Merchant Juddah Luash has offered him a fortune, but not for an object he wants Found. Juddah wants Ethen to Find a person, the escaped slave, Zihariel.

To find her brother, sold after the Purge of Calaira, Zihariel has fled her luxurious life as a musician performing for the wealthiest households in the desert. She soon discovers the world is much bigger than she ever suspected, teeming with those who see her only as a pooni, an object to be bought and sold, used until she is used up. Not even her music belongs to her, but to the Dommi-sa who etches his mark onto her skin.

From the deserts of Therk to the island of Moscrea and across the Bloodbane Sea, Ethen and Zihariel lie and thieve their way to the great city of Bosbana. There, Ethen's promised fortune and Zihariel's greatest performance await - unless they sacrifice all to flee together into the Dragonbacks and become fugitives for the rest of their lives.


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I look forward to your review, but I don't think this one will making it to my teetering tbr pile. :)

Unknown said...

I am going to be sitting in Mandy's driveway reading the final pages.

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