Monday, May 14, 2012

Abducted by The Sugar Queen

Well, you guys, Sarah Addison Allen does it again!!!

I cannot tell you guys how much I loved this book! I think it is going to be up there on my list of favorite books of all time! I listened to the audio version, but I can't wait to buy the paperback! I'm going to underline the crap out of it!!! Also, I'm not usually one for dog-earing pages but I will totally find a way to mark my favorite sections so that I can have the book on my nightstand and reread the best parts until I can recite them in my sleep!

The Sugar Queen is about a 27 year old woman, Josey, who is living at home and taking care of her mother. Josey had a rough childhood, she wasn't the most well behaved kid, and therefore she carries a lot of quilt around with her. Then a friend of hers, Della Lee, comes to stay for a bit and she is the catalyst to force Josey to decide if she is ready to start living her life. And as Josey starts to live her life, it begins to affect other people in the town.

When the narrator was first describing the main character of Josey she had a line that I absolutely loved;
She was happy in an awkward sleepy kind of way. 
After I heard that line I had to rewind the track and hear it again. I could totally relate to that! And I think that is why I loved this book so much, I could relate so strongly to Josey. I loved her!

First of all her power color is red! I love red! And then you add on the fact that she struggled with unrequited love and she had insecurities about her looks and her weight, I mean we are practically the same person!

So many of the characters in the story were feeling trapped. They were too afraid of change or of moving forward. But then all these things started to shift in these tiny little ways and before you knew it there were freaking catalysts going off all over the place! I LOVE catalysts!

And Adam! Oh, my God, Adam!!!

I will admit that I didn't feel too attached to the characters in the beginning but when I got about half way through, Adam had my stomach flipping like crazy!

Adam was feeling trapped by an injury and the emotional after math of the accident that caused it. There is one scene when this drunk guy at a bar calls Josey a "fat bitch" and Adam just punches him! I LOVED that scene! And after I finished the book I kept rewinding it to certain conversations, certain dates, certain kissing scenes between those two that were, just so perfect! I was melting!

And there were times when I didn't think that Josey's mother was that bad, but then there was one scene in particular that my mouth dropped and hung open for like 5 minutes! I just couldn't believe how awful she was!

The added bonus was the character of Chloe that had this peculiar ability where books followed her around. Whenever she really needed something, the right book would just appear beside her. But by the end the narrator describe it as if the books were watching over Chloe, and I really liked that.

I can't wait to reread this one! I loved it so much! I have to give it an abduction rating of...
If I could give it a 10! I totally would!


Anne said...

I am a huge Sarah Addison Allen fan. This is the only book of hers that I have not read yet. Thanks for the great review, I am glad to know that this one is as good as the others!

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

This book sounds lovely. And I love characters that I can really identify with and lately since I've been reading mostly YA and the Abraham Lincoln book it's been awhile since I've been able to do that.

fakesteph said...

I seriously LOVE when a book just gets you... it feels like it was written just for you. There have been a few books that I've connected with like that over the course of my life and I keep them in a stack on my headboard so that they are never far away.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I of course adore Sarah Addison Allen and her novels. I really, really want to re-read this book again!

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

I've added this one to my TBR list! I'm glad to hear that you liked this one and Garden Spells more than The Girl Who Chased the Moon, because I just thought that one was okay, and going on that one alone, I wouldn't really have the desire to read any of her other books. But now I will! Great review, Courtney!

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