Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday in Bed With...5.27

"Sundays in bed with..." is a weekly meme hosted by my dear friend Kate over at! It is a great way for us all to share what books we are spending our weekends with or which books we wish we were spending our weekends with. 

Today, I am spending my Sunday in bed with Idiot Girls' Action Adventure Club and The Solitude of Prime Numbers. 

I am currently in two book clubs and it just so happens that this month they are both meeting on the same weekend! And that weekend is only two weeks away!

My friend Holly is hosting our book club for Idiot Girls' Action Adventure Club on Saturday and then I am hosting for my other book club on that Sunday.

I bought the Solitude of Prime Numbers from Hastings because after the title caught my eye I became completely obsessed with it for some reason.

The book is supposed to be about how people can see themselves as a "prime number". A prime number is a lonely thing because it is only divided by itself and one, so it doesn't really have a match or a counter part or something to be paired with.

After I picked up the book I turned it over a caught sight of the authors photo on the back...


So, who are you spending Sunday in bed with?


Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

HELLO!!! is right!

I hope you're enjoying Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club. We read Spooky Little Girl for book club and it was really good.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Well, I hope to be spending time in bed with the other of The Solitude of Prime Numbers. Holy Hotness!

fakesteph said...

Hello, indeed. Also, love the cover! Enjoy book club!!!!! I haven't been reading much... started watching Veronica Mars, but I have a few books I'm planning on finishing before BEA.

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

I need to get Idiot Girls' from the library - I have it on hold and they're only going to hold it for me for a couple more days! Must get it!

I can't believe you have both book club meetings on the same weekend! So crazy! And you have to host one??? Jeez. I'm still interested to hear what your last other book club meeting was like! ;)

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