Sunday, October 7, 2012

Abducted by Sundays in Bed with...10.7.2012

At the time that I am typing this it is 4:30 in the morning! I fell asleep a little after 9, unintentionally, and then woke up and now I can't go back to sleep! I've been really stressed out lately about a lot of stuff that I have going on right now and a couple of trips that I have coming up, and I just have not been sleeping well as a result.

But I thought I would take advantage of these wakeful hours and get a head start on typing up my Sundays in bed with post!

I'm not going to have too much time for reading today. I recently took on a part time job at Bath and Body Works. I really love working there but the only problem is I hardly ever get to actually work there. When they hire you has "part time" they really mean it! I haven't worked in THREE weeks!!! But today I am scheduled for a three and half hour shift from 12:15 - 3:45. I have to leave straight from church which means my morning will be packed.

But I will have a window of about 2 hours after work and before Sunday family dinner at my parents house where I will be able to get some reading done. In that time I will be trying to get as much of The Two Towers read as I possibly can!

Another goal that I have set for myself is that I want to get caught up on watching the Vlogbrothers videos! I love John and Hank Green and there videos have made me laugh and cry for quite some time now. Unfortunately I got out of the habit of watching them last spring and as a result I haven't watched a single one since I think February. 

In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, I have devised a system where for every 10 pages of Tolkien that I read I get to watch one video! And since the videos average around 3-4 minutes long I am finding this system to be very helpful!

So far, out of all the ones that I have recently watched, this one is my favorite! 

That Hank Green is so silly! Basically Hank and his friend Michael make two batches of cookies. In one batch they put good things in the center of the cookies, like mini oreos or various kinds of candy. In the other batch they put bad things like pickles and tuna in the center of the cookies. Then they play Hungry Hungry Hippos, and whichever one wins gets to eat a "good" cookie and the other has to eat one of the "bad" cookies. What a creative and disgusting idea! It was all in celebration of when the Hunger Games movie was released in theaters.

Hey Andrea, if you are down, I would totally do this with you before the next movie is released! 


Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

Sorry your stressed! If it makes you feel better I am stressing a bit too, so we can stress together!

As far as B&B, you know you will get more hours during the holiday season. And you should be getting scheduled at least once a week, and you have to work a minimum of 2 hours before they can make you go home. I don't know if you want to bring that up to them cause you never know how they'll take it.

The cookie idea is awesome, though I wouldn't want to lose.

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

That is a great idea! (The reading 10 pages and then watching vlog bros, not eating cookies with pickles in them).

fakesteph said...

Yay for working those 3.5 hours tho. And that video his hilarious and disgusting.

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

I'm still not so sure about this. Can we make the bad stuff not so bad? Like something that's not going to make us want to throw up if we have to eat it? If so, then yes, we should do this. And we'd have to film it, although only a select number of people would be able to see it.... ;)

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