Monday, December 31, 2012

Abducted by 15,000 Pages Completion

Okay so I am ending 2012 in a very not so glamorous way seeing on how I haven't posted in over a month!

In the fall I took on a second job and it started out as not being such a big deal but when the holiday season hit it monopolized my life!

I may not have physically read much these last few months, but I'm still going strong on my audio books! I finished Raven Boys (loved it) The Sugar Queen (Loved it more) and another Jennifer Cruise novel called Getting Rid of Bradly (which was one of the better ones of hers I've listened to but not as good as Bet Me).

Anyway, I'm back now to take care of some official business.

Last year I set up the challenge to read 15,000 pages in 2012. I may not have completed this challenge (epic fail on my part) but I know many of you out there did!

For those who accomplished it:

Congratulations and thank you so much for participating!

It is time to claim your prizes! Two prizes will be given out as part of the 15,000 page challenge.

One prize will go to whomever completed the challenge by reading the most number of books, and one to the person who read the least!

So, look back over the books you read this year and submit the total of books it took you to get to 15,000 by entering the link below. You have from now through midnight of January 4th to enter the list of books and the winners will be announced at noon (cst) on January 5th.

REMEMBER you are only counting books that you read that equal 15,000 pages BUT if you read way more then that you can pick and choose which books you submit. For example if you are going for the fewest books prize you can select all of the longest books you finished this year until you reach 15000 pages. What I mean is that it doesn't have to just be the first bunch of books you read. 


And lastly, the countdown for my 2nd Levithan Loveathon has officially started! We have exactly

days until the Loveathon starts! So dust off your favorite David Levithan books and get ready!

Why Yes, Steph, I did frame the ARC you sent me!!!
The Levithan Loveathon is an event that I started where I read David Levithan books in the month of February.

I had one giveaway that you could win just by entering last year. This year there will be multiple giveaways that you can being a gift card that you can only enter to win if you read a David Levithan book and post about it on your blog!

Last year I only did the Loveathon for me, but this year I am really hoping to get a lot more people involved so please spread the word!

That is all for now! I will have more information about the Levithan Loveathon in the new year!

Thanks again!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

You should totally host this challenge again, as I plan on doing a much better job of keeping a track of physical books, kindle books and audio books in 2013!

Also, totally looking forward to you DL month!

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I concur with Kate that you should do this again. I liked seeing how fast I got to 15,000.

I have never read a Levithan book so I'm looking forward to February!

fakesteph said...

I see Naomi and Ely on your shelf... it's my fave.

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

Yay for the challenge! I think it was a great challenge, and I agree with Kate and Kim--you should host again! Maybe give yourself a break in 2013 and then host again in 2014?

I'm totally psyched for the Loveathon! I've got my copy of Love is the Higher Law and of course we'll be reading Every Day for book club! Yay!

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