Sunday, November 18, 2012

abducted by Sundays in bed with

So today it is time for another Sundays in bed with post and I have two big announcements!!!

The first one is that I don't have to work today!

YAY!!! I mean, I love you Bath and Body works but getting a Sunday off is AWESOME!!! 

I haven't had the chance to legitimately spend a Sunday in bed reading in so long!

I still had to go to mass today but I am home now, I don't have to leave for my parents house til 4:30pm, I have literally put back on my pjs and I am back in bed ready to get my reading on!!!

I finally finished The Two Towers this week so today I am starting...

But my second big announcement is....

I GOT A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously held out on getting a smart phone for as long as freaking possible, but finally guys, I broke down. 

And one of the main reasons behind getting a new phone was because I desperately wanted a new camera. 

In order to show you guys the difference between what I was working with before and what I have now I took two photos. 

Here is my Sundays in Bed with personal photo of my lovely dog Riley snuggling up with The Return of the King on Thursday morning...

And here is Riley snuggling up with The Return of the King on Thursday afternoon...

Nice huh!?!

*** So I wrote this post on Thursday when I had just got my phone and was playing with it and taking pictures. However since then some things have changed...

1) A girl at Bath & Body Works had something come up and needed someone to cover her 1-6 shift. So I actually have to leave for work here in like 10 minutes and after mass I only had enough time to come home and microwave some left over pizza.

2) I did not get a chance to finish Two Towers this week, I am still 100 pages behind but I am hoping to finish it by Tuesday.

3) BUT I did get a new phone and don't the pictures look AWESOME!!!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Your Afternoon Delight phone takes delightful pictures! :)

I am very much looking forward to all the cool pics you will be adding to your blog now that you can take good photos on your phone!!

fakesteph said...

Camera phones are fabulous these days!

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