Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dewey's Read-a-thon Hours 11-15

Total consumption today:

1 bowl of frosted mini wheats
2 cups of earl gray tea
2 cans of Dr Pepper
5 slices of Papa Johns garden fresh pizza
1 hour long nap
2 episodes of Angel 

TBR List:

Odd Is On Our Side - Koontz
House of Odd - Koontz
A Wrinkle In Time - L'Engle
Maybe a Miracle - Strause - I'm about 3 hours in and I'm really enjoying it!
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Smith
Misery - King
Heroes - ? - I'm really excited because I started reading this one an hour ago and I'm over half way through! I should totally be able to finish it before I pass out tonight!!!

Non Read-a-thon Activities: 

English assignment which consisted of reading 12 poems and responding to them! That counts as reading right? 
clean apartment
set up antenna
get hair cut

I feel that I have had a very productive day! I'm excited about all that I have been able to read and the other items I've been able to get done today! Now I'm getting ready to go into hours 16-20. I probably wont be able to make it the whole way. I'm going to try to make it to at least hour 19 but we shall see.

My plans for the next section of the Read-a-thon are to finish Heroes and read 75 pages of A Wrinkle In Time and maybe some more of Maybe a Miracle. I am also going to make some brownies and do some laundry. I need to take my dog for a walk so hopefully all of that stuff will keep me up and alert enough to get my reading done.

Did I mention that I am also watching the 1st game of the Red Sox vs. Detroit for the second round of the pennant race for the World Series and that as of this moment we are going into the 8th inning with the Red Sox loosing by 1 run!!! Things are very tense in my apartment right now!


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