Monday, May 30, 2011

Abducted by Monday Memories

Wow, today I finally FINALLY finished cleaning out my googlereader!!!!!! GO ME!!!

And now it is time to share a Monday Memory! Hosted by Annette!

I have always loved to read, ever since I was really little. I would spend all day during my summer vacation reading one book after another. One of the authors that I LOVED was R.L. Stine.

I mostly read the Fear Street books because I was never really that fond of the Goosebump books.

I read all of the Silent Night books and the Cheerleader books. I think I even read a couple of the Babysitter books but not all of them.

I remember sitting out side on our swing set just devouring the books. And I still have very vivid images in my head of some of the scenes out of his books.

I remember one of the Silent Night books had a girl being stalked in a department store.

And I know that in one of the Cheerleader books someone drowns in a lake and then there is a scene when the main girl goes out on the lake, that is now frozen over, and I remember she looks down and can see the girl who drowned under the ice. That scared the crap out of me when I was little!

This weekend I actually took some time and reread the book The New Girl by R.L. Stine which was AWFUL! The whole time I just couldn't believe I ever liked those books. I mean it was really really bad!

But then I reread Cheerleaders: The First Evil and I LOVED IT!!! That is the R.L. Stine that I know and loved! Now I can't wait to reread the rest of the Cheerleader series...

...and also I'm now in the mood to watch Bring It On again!

One of the blogs I love to follow is at and this last month she got to go to this book festival thing where she got to hear a lot of authors talk about their writing process. If you click on the link I provided above you can read her post on what R.L. Stine had to say.

Thanks again for sharing that Steph!

Plus, if you head over to Reviewsin5 you can read Andrea's post on her Top 5 Favorite Disney/Pixar films!

Have a great Memorial Day!


Annette Mills said...

I really never got into the R.L. Stine craze. I know a lot of kids who did, though. Those books were so worn out in our middle school library, but they kept on reading them! I'm trying to think of a series that may have taken it's place, but I can't. Thanks for posting--I enjoyed it!

fakesteph said...

Thanks for the link! RL Stine is the best! Do you follow him on twitter? He's hilarious!

I loved the cheerleader series. And I remember in one of the silent nights, the opening scene is this totally cruel breakup scene where the girl dumps the boy and makes him get out of her car and walk home in the snow.

I loved the books that dealt with the origins of fear street, like the family named Fier and they all died in fires... kind of cheesy when I write it like that, but I was totally creeped out as a kid!

I may have to reread some of these. :)

Whitney said...

I loved R.L. Stein when I was younger, I read all the Goosebumps books. I thought they were so suspenseful with his cliffhanger chapter endings and more likely than not it was just someone opening a door!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

OMG! I remember these books. I was a scaredy cat and couldn't read them all.

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