Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abducted By The Horse and His Boy

Now it is time for my #5 post in my week long marathon of posting!!!

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Today's post will be on the abduction of The Horse and His Boy the 3 book in the Chronicles of Narnia, as part of our read along blog posts hosted by SHE IS TOO FOND OF BOOKS.

The first time I read the complete series of the Chronicles of Narnia I really didn't care for this book. I barely remember reading it and I think at the time I was just trying to get through it so I could move on to the rest of the books.

And yet, with each reading I come to love this story more and more.

This book has a very Arabian tone to it that is different from the other Narnia books. I love that for the first time we get to really experience the other cultures that belong in that world.

I also really love the relationship between Shasta and Aravis. Many of the Narnia books have two main children characters that bicker; Polly and Digory, Lucy and Edmund, and even Jill and Eustace. But all of those relationships start off in some form of a friendship. But for Aravis and Shasta they don't like each other at all when they first meet. She sees him as annoying and simple and he sees her as a snob. But overtime they come to care about each other as two members of a team and then of course that friendship becomes something more.

Personally I was always on Shasta's side and thought that Aravis was a little stuck up. Plus I felt bad for Shasta because it wasn't his fault he had never been educated in other cultures and what not.

One line that always strikes me as odd is when Shasta has been mistaken for Prince Corin and he was over hearing Edmund and Susan make plans to escape. Edmund says;

"My guess is that the Tisroc has very small fear of Narnia. We are a little land. And little lands on the borders of a great empire were always hateful to the lords of the great empire."

Okay wait...hold up...LITTLE LAND??? Narnia is considered a LITTLE LAND!?! Just how big is this world supposed to be anyway if Narnia is the little land?

My favorite side character is Prince Corin. I just think that scene when he finally returns back to the castle and Shasta asks him where he had been and he tells the story of some kid in the street making a joke about Susan, so he "knocked him down" then that kid's brother came out so he "knocked him down." Then Corin was followed until they ran into the watch so he "knocked" the watch down. I can just picture this little boy trying to tell this big story about how tough he is. It's so cute! I loved it!

Anyway, it is about eleven o'clock here so I guess for my week long marathon of posting, I'm getting this one in just under the wire!

I hope you had a great weekend and I will see you all tomorrow!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Great review! I really enjoyed the re-reading of this book. The only thing that bothered me was that Edward took Shasta to task for pretending to be Corin and overhearing things... it wasn't like the kid was purposely spying!

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