Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Abducted by Tuesday Teaser 3.8.2011

Oh man, I am the worst!

Okay here is what has been going on with me...

About two weeks ago I was offered a transfer at my job to a different location. It isn't technically a promotion but the new store makes more money then my original store (aka I would make more money at the new store) and the new store is the biggest store my company has in my area, so it comes with way more responsibility so it is a good thing that they wanted me for it! Not only is it more responsibility and more money, but it is also 10 minutes from my house as compared to the 45 minutes it took me to get to my other store, and with gas prices what they are...of course I took the transfer.

Last week was my last week at my old store, which meant i was really busy getting everything cleaned up for the new manager to come in. It is a really odd situation because usually when you are leaving a job you don't care how far you were in certain projects because once you're gone, you're gone! It's not like they can track you down and yell at you for not completing something. But since I was just transferring, if something wasn't completed it would look really bad.

Anyway, I spent last week cleaning up my old store and then I had a 3 day weekend before starting at my new store today! And you can tell already what a stellar job I'm doing since I've been here for an hour this morning and I'm sitting here working on my blog!

So, why did I start out this blog post by stating that I am the worst!?! Because even with my long weekend, I haven't touched a single book in a WEEK!!! NOT ONE!!! Seriously, if it wasn't for the fact that I've been listening to The Duff and Mansfield Park on audio my entire week would have been waisted!

I always seem to be less productive when I have all my days off together like that. I think it is because I keep thinking that I have so much time to read that I just keep putting things off.

But now, I work for the next four days straight so hopefully I will get some reading done. I have book club this weekend so I HAVE to finish that book. And I have a line of people waiting to borrow Anna and the French Kiss from me so I really need to finish that book as well. Plus, I checked out a Maeve Binchy novel from the library, due back March 23rd, so I have to finish that book too.

And since I left all my other books at home and only happened to have the Maeve Binchy novel still in my car, that is the one I'm going to use for my teaser today...

So here is a teaser from Maeve Binchy's "The Return Journey"

Instead of only doing a few lines, I'm going to use a paragraph from page 96. Now I haven't even started this book yet, it was merely a coincidence I flipped right to a page with a paragraph I can totally relate too...

"According to Maggie, Lena was not in love. She was suffering from an obsession, an infatuation. It wasn't healthy for someone who was twenty-six to develop this kind of crush on a man who didn't return it and wasn't even aware of it. And however unwise it might have been to have allowed a temporary fascination to take over, it was positively dangerous to let it continue the way Lena had. She stopped being twenty-six and became twenty-seven, and twenty-eight and twenty-nine. Soon she would be thirty years of age, and what had she to show for it?"

Thanks for joining me this Tuesday, I hope you are feeling teased right now! Have a great day, and I better get back to work!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I totally waste time if I have more than one day off in a row too! I tell myself, oh, you'll get to that laundry/to that book/to doing those dishes...but of course I don't. Aaron and I are in the process of doing a thorough spring cleaning, we're pretending that ya'll are coming out for a visit instead of vice versa to help motivate us.

Also, I think it's awesome you're reading so many books at once... it reminds me of someone... Oh, yeah, me! ;) I'll bring you a bunch of books in May!

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