Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Abducted by Matched

Headline: In a world where Cassia has had all of her decisions made for her, choosing who to love could cost her everything

Time in Captivity: Cassia lives in a world where their government picks everything for their citizens from their clothes, food, jobs, and partners. And Cassia is surprised when she is matched to a boy she already knows, Xander. Normally when citizens are matched it is to peers from other provinces. They are matched, given a file on the individual they are matched to, and go home to await the future that lies before him. It may be rare for someone to be matched to a boy they already know, but not unheard of.
The morning after her match, Cassia opens the file on Xander but sees a flash of another boy instead, Ky.
Suddenly, Cassia can't help but be curious about Ky and the more she sees the more she begins to question the society she lives in.
So, why did I struggle with it so much?
Because I hate love triangles. They drive me crazy! Especially if they aren't presented to me in a way where I believe the emotions within them.
It really felt to me in the beginning that Cassia only developed feelings for Xander because the society told her to. And she started to have feelings for Ky because he was the forbidden fruit.
I'm always impressed when I read reviews by my friends where they admit that they struggled with a book but found a way to keep an open mind towards it, because I completely lack that ability.
I feel like I go into most situations in life with a pretty open mind but too often I shut down as soon as I loose interest and it is hard for me to get back in. So, when this love triangle started to form I didn't like the way it was handled so I shut down and just tried to finish as quickly as possible.
However, I will say that as the story develops the love triangle does disappear. Cassia still has choices ahead of her, but who she loves is pretty obvious. And there is a twist at the end that could be compelling.
Unfortunately, for me it was too late. I was ready to just be done with the book and I also couldn't help but think about the other books I could be reading instead. I'm not big on dystopians but I definitely felt that by comparison I prefer the Delirium trilogy. Although, I probably wont be finishing that one either because the sequel ended with a big old fat love triangle that made me want to pull my hair out.

Abductor/Point of Abduction: The truth is I was never really abducted by this book. I was disappointed because I was actually looking forward to reading this one, but I just felt like the whole story was felt flat. I didn't really have a favorite character or any one story line that I was interested in. If I had been reading this book on my own I probably would not have been able to finish it because I would have put it down at some point and then never picked it back up. However, because I checked out the audio from the Library and only had it for a limited time I forced myself to keep going.

Pick Up Line:
Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side. Our roots will always be tangled.
This line was said in regards to Cassia and her friend Em.

Abduction Rating:

I would give Matched a two because I didn't hate it, but I was pretty bored through out most of it.


fakesteph said...

I really, really loved Matched, but Crossed was such a disappointment. The line you picked out was one of my favorites.

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

Love triangles can be done well, but so often they're not, and they just get old fast. And when the book is ALL ABOUT a love triangle that's not done well, then it makes it even worse. I have this book, but I think I'll wait to read it. Great review, Courtney!

Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

Excellent review! I have to agree, I thought it was boring and I still read Crossed, which if you can believe it, is even more boring!

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