Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Abducted by books!!!!

This morning I got to sign up for the October Dewey Readathon and for the first time I am actually pretty high up on the list! I’m number 20! And I’ve already put in to get the day off of work! I’m on top of it this year!!!

In other news…

I spent my entire Labor Day the best way I knew how, reorganizing my bookshelves!!!

My family recently cleared out their storage units and in the process managed to find two bookshelves that no one had been using, so I got them!

And my dear friend Kate convinced me that it wouldn’t be boring to write an entire post on how my books are now arranged! So here we go…

bedroom 1

This is the desk that is in my bedroom. My TBR books start here (A-F) and the two books I am currently reading our laying on top.

This bookshelf holds all of my books that are part of a series. On mbedroom 2y regular book shelves I like to showcase variety. So I don’t like to have series on them because they take up to much  space. I mean take the Twilight books for example, put them together on a bookshelf and they look like a big block of black books (say that three times fast). Anyway, that is why I like to keep my series books separate from my other books. And on top of that bookshelf is the continuation of my TBR books with F-K.
bedroom 3

My next bookshelf is filled with all of my devotional books and bibles. And all of my reference books underneath. And on top is the continuation of my TBR books with just the L’s.

living room 3

Next we make our way to my living room where I have all of my novels in a built in bookshelf. They are all in alphabetical order except the ones that are too tall to fit in the shelves are all on the bottom.

living room 1

This cabinet space holds all of my dvds but on top it holds the continuation of my TBR books with M-R.

living room 4
Then on my living room wall I have my invisible bookshelves which are always a huge hit when people come over for the first time. The first shelf is for John Green, the one in the middle is David Levithan, the one on top is Maeve Binchy, and down low we have Nick Hornby! They are all my favorite authors except C.S. Lewis has a separate spot.
living room 2

Then we have my second dvd cabinet with the conclusion of my TBR books on top of it, that is S-Z!


In my kitchen I keep all of my mass produced paper backs on my window sill and they are divided so that the ones I have read are on the left of the picture frame and the ones on the right are TBR.

And lastly my bookshelf in my kitchen! Okay the top shelf only shows my collection of my favorite book, The Silver Chair. The second shelf has all of the rest of the C.S. Lewis books I own, plus the biographies that I have on him and then my collection of U2 books, cds, and dvds. I feel like this is acceptable because I know Bono is a fan of Lewis and even though Lewis died over 10 years before U2 was formed, I still believe that he would be a fan if he was around today!

Anyway, the last shelf has my graphic novels and my cook books!

I know it might seem crazy that all of my books are in so many different spaces, but I like it. When you walk in it definitely looks like my apartment is overrun by books and that is very fitting for a book lover like myself. I also like that all of my TBR books are on top of over bookshelves. I feel like it is very symbolic to the fact that they don't really belong until they have been read.

It should also go without saying that they are all in alphabetical order. However, my bookshelf that holds my reference books is the one and only shelf that is not in any order at all. Even though I end to be very anal about how I organize things, for some reason I love that I have one shelf that is in total disarray!

So that is how I keep my books in line! I hope this wasn't too boring of a post!


fakesteph said...

Kate was right! This is the best post! I love seeing how you have organized all of your books. Also, an apartment overrun with books is a nice place to be. :)

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