Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Banned Book Week: #bookphotoaday 9.25.2013

#bookphotoaday is hosted by Megan at!

Today's photo is of our favorite quote from a book.

Now normally my go to answer has always been the classic opening of David Copperfield...

I love this quote...there is just so much possibility that goes along with it.

But the truth is that I've never actually read David Copperfield.

And there is another quote, one that I have also always loved and one that the truth of it lingers with me in my daily life...

"Such anger is the fluid that love bleeds when you cut it." 

Sometimes when you are fighting with someone and you are so angry that you think you want to kill them, it is hard to remember why you care in the first place. But the truth is, you do care. And such anger can't exist without being rooted in love. 

Anyway, thanks to Megan for hosting such a fun activity for Banned Book Week! My schoolwork is keeping me pretty busy so even though I have started A Wrinkle In Time, I am starting to doubt if I'll be finishing it by the end of the week. Posting these photos is a great way for me to still feel like I'm participating.


Megan said...

I actually just finished an AMAZING book called Out of the Easy, and the characters quoted that same David Copperfield quote a lot!

Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase said...

Cool quotes! I figured you'd use the quotes you have tattoos of! ;)

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