Thursday, September 19, 2013

Abducted by Monster

THE HEADLINE: When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call…Monster

THE ABDUCTOR: I was abducted by all of the demons in this book. Every chapter there was some new creature attacking the different characters and each one was crazier and more creative then the next! Maybe it is because I have been watching so much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel lately, but I was eating this up!

TIME IN CAPTIVITY: Monster was the first book by A. Lee Martinez that I read but it will not be my last.

It is the story of a guy, Monster, who is a demon catcher and Judy, a girl who seems to be attracting a lot of them…demons that is. Their paths cross pretty early on and continue to intersect as the story unfolds.

According to Martinez, magic is all around us, we just can’t always recognize it and tend to forget about it
once it passes. I loved the way that Martinez incorporated the magical elements, mythical creatures, and ancient ruins into our world.

Monster is a fast paced, action packed, funny read. I was sucked in pretty fast and was enjoying my time with it, but towards the end it started to lose me a bit. There was this crazy cat lady and her story line just seemed a bit ridiculous. Which I guess is saying something considering my favorite character was a talking paper gnome named Chester who can fold himself into any shape his boss needs and lives in another dimension.


The universe was filled with secrets, and he understood now that one of the biggest was that no one needed to know them all. 

POINT OF ABDUCTION: From the moment someone said their was a yeti eating all the ice cream at a grocery store.

ABDUCTION RATING:  I gave Monster by A. Lee Martinez an abduction rating of 3. Because like I said, it was a fun read but the climax of the novel lost me.


fakesteph said...

This sounds so super fun. I love Buffy and may have to check this one out!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Oh my stars and garters (a new saying I picked up from a client)! This sounds awesome!!!! I may have to borrow it *big fluttery eyelids*

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