Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sundays in Bed with…9.1.13


Sundays In Bed With is a weekly meme hosted by Kate at Midnightbookgirl!

This week I have a very exciting Sunday planned!

I’m making coffee and getting caught up on watching Angel!

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Way back in the day when Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were on tv I followed them enough to know the basic story lines but never actually watched them. When I got Netflix I broke down and started watching Buffy all the way up to season 4. The ending of season 3 was when Angel left to get his own show and so now I am jumping between the two shows since Joss Whedon created a lot of crossover in them.

I am loving watching both of them but I have got to be more careful because I still have a lot of reading and studying to do.

So in between watching episodes of Angel I’ll be forcing myself to read First Light by Rebecca Stead. I’ve been reading this one for a while now and I am really struggling with it.I am determined to finish it though.

images…and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell! I’ve only just started this one but I love it! This is on loan to me from Andrea and it was on loan to her from Jessie! Thanks ladies!!!

Oh, and before this day is over I will get some actual studying done too…

I promise!


fakesteph said...

That is funny, because I'm totally planning on borrowing it from Jessie! Also... Buffy season six is my fave AND it has my all time favorite episode "Once More... With Feeling" Although the one where no one can speak is a close second along with the the first season one with the hyenas. Good luck with all your stuff!!!

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